ScanNCut: Daisy Duck (Disney) cupcake iron-on!

I have so many ideas for the new Disney files (available for purchase from Brother dealers) – and today I decided to whip up a Daisy Duck iron-on Tshirt! I’m trying hard to work through these designs because they’re all such fun!

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ScanNCut: Mickey Mouse Cupcake Card

Today is a VERY exciting day – Brother ScanNCut has new batches of Disney cut files! As I always disclose to you, I’m a brand ambassador for the ScanNCut (aka I am a paid consultant, but all ideas & opinions are my own!) – So I was really excited when these hit my inbox because as I knew (but hadn’t yet shared…) there are cupcake designs!

This might not be exciting to you – but to me this is over the moon awesome.   I have a SERIES of ideas for these cupcakes! But first… a gift card holder! It’s simple enough, you’ll want to have 4 1/4 x 12 (or any size paper you like) folded so that you have an approximate 1 1/2″ fold for a gift card (see video).

Then layer on whatever you like! I stamped a sentiment, added a doily, some thread, and sequins too.  a

The real fun though is deciding what colors and materials to cut out the cupcake pattern from. This one is all paper – next time felt is going in the mix for a custom patch for a travel project. Stay tuned! For more details and how-to here is my YouTube video.

Perhaps it’s my healthy eating habits that have me craving paper (calorie free) sweets – but I’ve got ideas from pastel colors to wild patterns and I’m getting to work! Stay tuned…

Note: the Disney cut files are available from Brother dealers.

Crafty Freak Shakes!

Have you heard of “freak shakes”? Basically over the top craziness also found in cake form – and the girls want to create “freak cupcakes” too.

We decided to try and see if we could create some that weren’t SO over the top but also that were themed to the new Disney movie coming out this week (on Disney Channel – Disney Descendants 2) all about villain kids!

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