ScanNCut: Mickey Mouse Cupcake Card

Today is a VERY exciting day – Brother ScanNCut has new batches of Disney cut files! As I always disclose to you, I’m a brand ambassador for the ScanNCut (aka I am a paid consultant, but all ideas & opinions are my own!) – So I was really excited when these hit my inbox because as I knew (but hadn’t yet shared…) there are cupcake designs!

This might not be exciting to you – but to me this is over the moon awesome.   I have a SERIES of ideas for these cupcakes! But first… a gift card holder! It’s simple enough, you’ll want to have 4 1/4 x 12 (or any size paper you like) folded so that you have an approximate 1 1/2″ fold for a gift card (see video).

Then layer on whatever you like! I stamped a sentiment, added a doily, some thread, and sequins too.  a

The real fun though is deciding what colors and materials to cut out the cupcake pattern from. This one is all paper – next time felt is going in the mix for a custom patch for a travel project. Stay tuned! For more details and how-to here is my YouTube video.

Perhaps it’s my healthy eating habits that have me craving paper (calorie free) sweets – but I’ve got ideas from pastel colors to wild patterns and I’m getting to work! Stay tuned…

Note: the Disney cut files are available from Brother dealers.

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  1. so so cute!! Is this a new set May? I’ve found a site that ships them internationally so I’m excited!!

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