Crafty Freak Shakes!

Have you heard of “freak shakes”? Basically over the top craziness also found in cake form – and the girls want to create “freak cupcakes” too.

We decided to try and see if we could create some that weren’t SO over the top but also that were themed to the new Disney movie coming out this week (on Disney Channel – Disney Descendants 2) all about villain kids!

This project was a ton of fun for a few reasons:

  1. The kids spent a whole day figuring out “themes”, dreaming up treats we could add without breaking the bank, and scouring the house for what we have that could add to the fun like sprinkles and straws.
  2. Us girls created them all together and had a lot of great giggles
  3. We were able to “sub in” some craft picks (a post on how-to coming next week) vs more candy to keep budget down AND add fun theme

If you aren’t familiar with the movie the two main characters are Mal (Elizabeth has her inspired shake- mint chip!) and Evie (Becca added blue dye to vanilla ice cream since fruity flavors didn’t appeal).

What we learned from this first experiment was:

  • Whipped cream from the can goes liquid-y and a mess FAST
  • It works really well to blend the milkshake then re-freeze for about an hour so that the mug is frozen and the milkshake is too
  • Frosting + food coloring¬† + sprinkles or candy = a great rim and a LOT more durable vs whipped cream
  • Different sizes/colors are good
  • A toothpick can be useful to adhere stuff like mini donuts or tiny cookies

I know we have a LOT to learn – but oh boy this was a ton of fun and something we could do as the girls count down the days to the TV movie they’ve been waiting all summer for. Healthy? Nooooo – the three of us ate these two and still had some left over. These could be done in much smaller containers as well. For this initial batch though – I wanted to test ideas out as well as save money by not buying tons of stuff or new containers. Work with what you’ve got!

As you can tell from their faces – the custom crafted picks + big fun shakes (that is a snowball in Elizabeth’s) as well as the giggles and sketching, dreaming and plotting was all part of our fun. We used what we had (except ice cream and whipped cream) and didn’t spend a bunch making things just perfect. Whether crafting a scrapbook or an over the top dessert – it’s a good reminder it doesn’t have to break the bank to have some creative fun and that you can make do with what you have on hand!

10 thoughts on “Crafty Freak Shakes!”

  1. So fun – I never knew those kinds of shakes had a name! They came out beautifully! what a great summer activity!

  2. My Elizabeth would LOVE those!!! I have seen them online and was planning on checking them out at Disney and Universal in February. I think it would be super fun to do with friends.

  3. I want a giant milkshake with a snowball in it! Aw man, so much for my diet. I’m so making a cool looking giant milkshake with my kids too. Awesome! I really like the decorative picks you added too, that’s super fun.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! We used to do something similar with the kids and ice cream sundaes in the summer and cupcakes and gingerbread in the winter.

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