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Happy Halloween!


Hope yours is not so spooky and craft filled…

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My online classes – past, present, and a very happy crafty future!

Many years ago I put myself out there and asked Stacy Julian if I could teach for her at her new site “Big Picture Scrapbooking”. Over the years I taught over 20 classes (some repeats/reworks, most of them totally new) for them and I will always be grateful to Stacy for taking a chance on me. For encouraging me at every turn, and for always embracing and helping me fulfill my craziest ideas no matter how different.

As technology improved and I came up with new ideas I decided that I wanted to open up my own website. Start a site where I could do classes a bit differently, where I could be on a much shorter turn-around, and be entirely in control of subject and timing. Where I could offer affordable, content packed classes at the best possible price and value for my lovely students. After months of work, frustration, feeling like it was impossible, and being certain that I would never figure out how to make it all work I launched www.craftwithmay.com on November 12, 2013.

PinkSquareBlinky (2)It has very nearly been a year. WOW! I’m excited to say – I met all my goals for year #1 and then some. From free classes to offering newsletter subscribers the best prices to including contributors in some classes – it’s been amazing. It has been a lot of learning, a ton of work, and too many long days here at the computer but I believe every minute was worthwhile. I love that this is what I get to do, that I can share with fellow crafters, that you are inspired by what I do.

I’ve had a number of emails in the last week asking me how I feel about the situation with Big Picture, and if I will be moving/hosting my old Big Picture classes. If you haven’t heard – Big Picture was purchased by Studio Calico and now they are cancelling the “forever access” that was promised. It has upset many and really been negative, which I think is understandable.

You won’t be seeing me migrate or reopen my classes, as that would be an incredible amount of time and money that I simply don’t have to invest. I did, however, want to do something nice for all my lovely students who have been affected or who now have to back up old classes. So I did what I always do – I put on my creative thinking cap and came up with something that will work for me, and be a special bonus for those students. I will be hosting a sort of “best of” class at www.craftwithmay.com as a fond farewell to the company I loved and knew, and as a thank you to all the students who took my classes at Big Picture. This will be open for a limited time and free to those students of the classes affected – you’ll get the email with instructions from BPC directly.

I have made great friends with many of my students, and I’m truly blessed that you enjoy the classes I teach and the content I create. As I sit and edit my newest class, plan 2015 classes, and brainstorm new ideas these recent events have me thinking I made the right leap.

Your continued support and encouragement means so much, and I am excited to bring you new classes and ideas in year 2! I am hoping to be able to bring in more contributors, classes, and inspiration too.

So THANK YOU! Here’s to kicking off the second year with a lot of new content…

my lovely doll.


This doll by Danita had to be mine. Now, to find a place for her here in the studio…

Magical Halloween card…


I started out making little gift tags (as you see above) but then I had an extra so I turned it into a card!


Love those Winnie & Walter Halloween stamps!


Challenge: Treats… or tricks?


This week the challenge is “treats”… but instead I decided to play with stencils, texture, and crafty tricks! Simon is, as always, offering a generous $50 voucher that will be randomly drawn from the eligible entries each week. Join the fun by creating a project this week – and for your chance to win a $50 voucher you should hop on over and join in the challenge here. What will you feature? We can’t wait to see!

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To start with, I embossed a manila tag with a tree embossing folder. Then I layered on lots of brown and blacks, and I used two different stencils (with ink) in my layers. Once finished only tiny bits of these inks can even be seen. This is one of my favorite tricks because it adds a layer of color and depth to the background without being a super clear element.

My final stencil layer is texture paste + rusty hinge distress spray. MORE coming on these sprays – I can’t get enough of them! I adore using paste + color to add even more texture to a piece like this.


I also sprayed my ribbon, rubbed some spray on the word stickers and finished everything off with more black ink. The thread is just a wad of black thread that was on the studio floor from a  project – why waste it? I love making a good messy thread nest on a project like this.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my tricky tag – Halloween is coming and I couldn’t be more delighted!

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Scrappy Saturday: resting and doing good.


Somebody had a rough couple of weeks! First she got spayed and then two weeks later got super ill and has been recouping from no doubt eating something bad. She’s all good now – but I had to share this sweet photo of her resting on my chair and forcing me to be a stand-up kind of crafter.