Don’t blame the banana…

About four years ago I was sitting between two very fit and trim friends and I couldn’t have been more insecure.

“I’m fat because I can’t eat bananas!” I heard myself blurt out during a favorite healthy snack conversation. Both ladies smiled and were sympathetic but even as the words settled back into my brain I heard how idiotic I was. Defensive after a doctor’s visit where I was input as “obese” I was explaining to these women – fitness professionals actually – that I couldn’t be more trim because bananas made me gag and therefore weren’t edible to me.

It was one of my lamer moments, and one of my biggest realizations.

Every time I picked crackers or other useless carbs, every time I filled up on more cheese or had a sugary pure fruit smoothie I soothed myself by blaming a freaking banana.

The next day I put a ½ of a banana in my lunch smoothie and hated it. I repeated this every day until I didn’t mind. Eventually I worked my way up to microscopic bits of banana being in my cereal. After several months I was able to eat a small bite directly from the banana. Today I still dislike bananas, but I can, if necessary, eat one slowly.

These days I watch out for banana peels aka things I’m holding up as excuses. I hit one last fall in the form of telling myself it wasn’t my fault – I simply couldn’t draw anything good. I’ve been working on that a lot and today I painted a path + trees + lady that I did not hate.


note this is just a peek… the whole piece is for my Art in your Journal class currently happening at

Tiny, microscopic, little efforts every day add up my friends. And whether you’re trying to learn to be ok with the foul fruit that is banana and not gag (seriously. So foul.) or wanting to learn a new skill just make that one thing a priority, try a little each day, and don’t give up.

quick love card with Maggie Holmes embellishments

005 copy

I pulled out my Maggie Holmes embellishment jar (for cute… I just had to have one) to make this card.


A little stitching, some die cuts from another Crate Paper line (can’t find a link- sorry), a few drops of Heidi Swapp mist and boom! card is made.


I know it seems impossible… but February (and Valentine’s Day) are just over two weeks away. How did that happen?! I’m really not sure – but at least I have this lovely card to send out and not many more to make this year.

This week my head is in the creative clouds..


This week… well my head really was up in the clouds as I COMPLETELY went off topic and was playing with the pretty kit and just, well, forgot the challenge theme! WHOOOPS!


It’s cool though – I can tie this in because the theme is “in the clouds”! Simon is, as always, offering a generous $50 voucher that will be randomly drawn from the eligible entries each week. Join the fun by creating a project this week – and for your chance to win a $50 voucher you should hop on over and join in the challenge here.


My project started simple (haha) and actually took less than an hour of actual craft time. Want to see how I made it?  I made videos! Yes!

028 copy

Supplies Used:

The 3-part series of tutorial videos – and many more to come – all are on my YouTube channel here. I’m almost into a good groove here of having new content up every week! So if there is anything you’d like to see featured – let me know!

CHA 2015: Wrap-Up

cha (328) copy

So I’ve gone wild with my posts – I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along on the show floor! I didn’t get to show you absolutely everything, but you did see most of my favorites. So what are the trends? What other notable things do I have to report?

cha-2015 (238) copy

  • Planners are the big “new thing” that companies want you to make pretty. Pictured above is Webster’s Pages
  • Party/DIY crossover is huge. You saw how many cupcake wrappers, toppers, banners, and other party friendly things I saw!
  • Coffee & Tea as hot icons. From Tim Holtz to Avery Elle we found these – rare to find such a widespread image/subject

cha-2015 (174) copy

Another line (I didn’t get enough pics of the booth so want to mention it here!) is Pink Paislee’s Citrus Bliss. Love seeing all that citrus + tropical friendly colors!

cha-2015 (171) copy

Over the next few months as these products release, you’ll start seeing me post about them here, adding YouTube videos, and more! I’m excited for this new batch of products, and incorporating them into my stash and my crafting.

cha (1) copy

CHA 2015: Jillibean Soup

cha-2015 (193) copy

Lots of fun stuff from ephemera to papers… but also party stuff filled the Jillibean Soup booth.

cha-2015 (199) copy

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CHA 2015: Prima

cha-2015 (31) copy

From the Finnabair and Relics lines I’ve already covered to new stamps and papers- Prima Marketing absolutely rocked the CHA show! Here are photos of some of the many lines, stamps, and goods you can expect to see coming soon!

cha-2015 (35) copy

Watercolor pencils in hair/skin tones? yes! New Jamie Dougherty stamps, new everything!

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