Thank You card

I stumbled across this cool card and remembered that I made it during a busy period and I don’t *think* I ever got around to sharing it!


Basically? Sprayed 2 pieces of paper with Tim Holtz distress spray stain (so amazing…). Then took one and die cut the “thank you”. Took the other and embossed it. The embossed one got a GENEROUS spray of gold mist. Then dark green ink over the raised areas. The die? I mounted it onto cardstock and rubbed a bit of green ink around. Cut out so the heart shape was outlined with a bit od edge.  Then I coated the die with glossy accents, sprayed gold, and attached it to my card.


So simple, and so much fun to make. Also? The PERFECT timing to find it because I am able to say thank you to all you lovely readers who are always encouraging and supporting me and helping me keep on track. I so appreciate that! Still sick over here… but the kiddo feels better.  And hey, holiday break is just 2 more school days away… pajama party, anyone?

It’s “DieCember” at Simon Says Stamp and I have to mention it because the project I shared today features one of my favorite dies!


Tune in tomorrow for a project with one of the new dies!

Let’s do something good.

Sometimes I feel stuck, in a rut, like I should be doing better/more/different things creatively. Sometimes I come across mean things written about me and how much I stink as a creative person. I can think that I’m not “enough”… and you guys know that is no way to live life or be thinking!!

Does this happen to you? I am betting I’m not alone and let me just say I am so sick of believing all the bad. When someone knocks on my door I assume it is to sell me something or for nefarious reasons. If someone tells me they need to talk to me I assume I’m in trouble somehow or have messed something up. WHY?! This is such a negative habit I have – I want to work on it big time.

A few weeks ago I saw this on the wall at my aunt’s house.


It was made by my great grandmother. It inspired me so much, and when I just stumbled across these photos that I snapped of it I was super excited. Not just about remembering to post the photos and talk about how cool this piece is, but that creatively the only thing that matters is me + enjoyment.

All I need to do, is to create things I like, to enjoy the process, and to focus on the amazing positive energy in the creative world. There are so many wonderful people out there doing incredible things – and I can just do my thing and be a part of that. Oh I can do my best, and try hard because that’s just who I am. But I don’t have to worry or wonder because end of the day, and as Taylor Swift says… haters gonna hate and the fakers gonna fake. I can just shake, shake, shake it off.


I have so many ideas in my head, so many things I want to share and write and show you all. I guess bottom line, is that I want to say thank you. For reading this blog, for the encouraging and kind comments you always leave, and for giving me positive feedback. I know I’ll never get to 100% of the things I want to make or see or do – but I can have fun on the journey. And I’m grateful you’re coming along for the ride.

I have some very cool things brewing for this space in 2015, and I can’t wait to share more. Right now though I’m sick as can be (and still have kiddo with pneumonia…) and need to go plan today’s girl scout meeting that starts in a few hours soo….

off I go.

Hey Friday.

It’s been quite a week! Last week we brought back our holiday party (such fun!), this week Becca got glasses, there was loads of rain (yay!), and Elizabeth has pneumonia. So in other words – always expect the unexpected!


I’m toying around with the idea of a list based Friday post. I’m toying around with a lot of things actually – from ways to get more content here to being more effective in general to cutting down on my sugar intake.  Anyhow. This week I present five craft products I am using like crazy.

1. Dina Wakley acrylic paints. I love taking white acrylic paint and just adding spray/mist to it for color. But these paints are so thick, rich, and the colors so beautiful I can’t help myself.

2. Ranger Texture Paste- it is light, dries quick, soaks up color mediums beautifully, and I’ve gone through 3 containers now. Re-ordering here in my world is the ultimate endorsement!

3. Sakura field watercolor set. The best, and my favorite way to add sheer colors and layer onto the things I make.

4. Fiskars desktop trimmer. Oh there are newer ones, and I’ve used and liked other models and brands. But here’s the thing. I only lasted 2 weeks without this one (mine, an original maybe even prototype perhaps finally broke after 6-7+ years)… and I ordered a new one.

5. PPA. People ask about liquid adhesive all the time… matte finish PPA is THE stuff. It seals. Is archival. Dries invisible. People ask all the time and the answer has not changed in MANY years. This is the stuff.

Let It Snow {A Mixed Media Tutorial}

I’m excited to be a guest this week at the Ranger Ink blog! I had a blast making this winter inspired canvas and I hope you enjoy – so many techniques and fun Ranger products featured!

detail_photo (1) copy

The full tutorial can be found here on the Ranger blog

Challenge: Transportation

There are days when I’m pretty sure it would be amazing to have wings as a transportation option.

072 copy

So this week I’ve dreamed up this colorful tag that uses a (rarely used) texture folder as well as some gears and fun sprays. The background is Tim Holtz Spray Stains + sunflower sparkle mist. The black is just a bit of ink rubbed on… and you know? I love this tag.


the sparkle + metals + color… love this combo. I am trying to think of more to say, but this simple tag speaks for itself!


Supplies Used:

Simon is, as always, offering a generous $50 voucher that will be randomly drawn from the eligible entries each week. Join the fun by creating a project this week – and for your chance to win a $50 voucher you should hop on over and join in the challenge here. What will you feature? We can’t wait to see!


(random) four recommendations:

I’ve not done an entertainment recommendation post in such a long time! Reason? Nothing tickling my fancy! Seriously – so many things “eh, ok” hence the lack of posts. Oh, but wait! In the last few weeks I’ve had FOUR really good items cross my desk/TV and so I have to share.

1. Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews is a new urban fantasy book/series from a favorite author. Action, hints of romance, and intriguing characters. Can’t wait for more!

2. Yes Please by Amy Poehler confirms one big thing: Amy Poehler gets it. She’s got some super insightful thoughts and ideas I was nodding along with… it isn’t just silliness. I love this.

3. Saving Mr. Banks is a movie I keep meaning to see. Thing is I figured it would be a very emotional tale focused on the author (not about the movie or Disney so much) and yeah… it was. I loved it so very much and I’m glad I waited to see it.

4. Big Hero Six for another great message and emotional watch. Such a special story and great characters – I loved the focus on thoughtfulness and pretty much every single moment.

Who knows when I’ll have another good batch of things to recommend – but I’m always looking! So if you have suggestions or things to recommend I would love to hear about it.