take the crafting on the road! Tips & ideas

When you’re going to a crop, heading on a road trip, or otherwise “on the go” and want to craft, how do you prepare? Today I will share with you a few of my tips and tricks, as well as some updates on what I’m up to!

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Leave a little sparkle… collage card DIY

It is no secret that I love using up bits and pieces to create cards. This lets me put things to use and reduce my leftover pile, as well as make cards ready to send for holidays or just because! In today’s post I will walk you through and share a video of a recent creation.

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Theme products: When (and how) to use them in your Scrapbook

One question that I hear regularly is how to use themed paper crafting products. This is no new question- back in my early scrapbooking days themed stuff was your ONLY option aside from plain cardstock! Everything had a theme, and you were “supposed to” make it work- color and styles had to fit the product, not the other way around.

Well even back then I rebelled. Forget that! I would take solid cardstock and a pair of scissors and just hand cut/create/invent my own embellishments if things didn’t work. These days, the quality of themed options is so much better, and it’s no longer a thing to be avoided… well not always. But when should you use it? How should you use the products? We’ll begin covering that today in this post.

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Scrapbooking organization: Photos

This is a topic so big that I’ve seen entire classes built upon it, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if there are books. “How do you organize and store your photos?” is a HUGE question!

The short answer is: you should use whatever system will work for you! Right now my photos are well, a mess. But I know what I want to do and it is this:  Continue reading “Scrapbooking organization: Photos”

Scrapbooking: NYC simple pocket page

Another day, another page in the NYC pocket page album to finish! For this 5 day trip I committed myself to a 6×8 sized album and have been determined to finish it up before the one year mark passes!

One big tip right off the bat: remove the foam! If you’ve got embellishments you want to scrapbook with that are super dimensional thanks to thick foam on the back… rip it off! (gently, of course). This makes these lovely embellishments a lot more manageable for my pocket pages!  Continue reading “Scrapbooking: NYC simple pocket page”