Scrapbooking: NYC simple pocket page

Another day, another page in the NYC pocket page album to finish! For this 5 day trip I committed myself to a 6×8 sized album and have been determined to finish it up before the one year mark passes!

One big tip right off the bat: remove the foam! If you’ve got embellishments you want to scrapbook with that are super dimensional thanks to thick foam on the back… rip it off! (gently, of course). This makes these lovely embellishments a lot more manageable for my pocket pages!  Continue reading “Scrapbooking: NYC simple pocket page”

NYC: Scrapbooking Katz’s Lunch

mini series alert! I’m wrapping up my NYC 2017 album, and as I do I will be sharing process photos, tips, and notes as I finish this 6×8 pocket page album!

Today’s photos are from the legendary Katz’s Deli. We took a cab (Uber, actually) over to this spot specifically because Jason had asked for a lunch here. Us girls sampled and shared a variety of things we’d never tried… and wow! We still talk about how Matzo ball soup is the best thing ever and wish we could make it that good!   Continue reading “NYC: Scrapbooking Katz’s Lunch”

Quick & Easy: Pocket Page ideas

When it comes to my scrapbooks in recent years when you look through them you’re going to find a wide mix of things. You’re going to find quick pages, pages of literally just photos, pages that took a long time, and pocket pages. I focus on having fun + telling my stories + documenting my family’s life. I don’t ever consider what is cool, trendy, or whatever. Because I’ve been scrapbooking long enough to know – none of that matters!

Today I am going to share about a pocket page I just wrapped up in my 2017 scrapbook. (real in progress desk shot below!)

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Pocket Scrapbooking: Just begin.

I feel like scrapbooking is making a comeback – and not just for me personally. I’ve been getting WAY more requests for projects and ideas as well as videos on scrapbook layouts so I will be sure to share more here on my blog. I have some recent blog posts about it in fact, including one a few weeks ago about Gossamer Blue kits. I’m going to use Gossamer Blue stamps + products in today’s layout that took 5-10 minutes total. Slowed down only because I took photos and documented the steps. The key to ANY size shape or format of scrapbooking quicky and easily is this:

Have fun, keep it simple, and run with the first idea you get that you like.

It really is that easy friends. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be – just have fun with it.

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