take the crafting on the road! Tips & ideas

When you’re going to a crop, heading on a road trip, or otherwise “on the go” and want to craft, how do you prepare? Today I will share with you a few of my tips and tricks, as well as some updates on what I’m up to!

When it comes to taking a craft project on the road I have a few rules:

  • only take what you’re sure you will use
  • leave anything at home that can be left
  • less is more – see it as a creative challenge!
  • work within 1-2 color palettes to limit the possible needed projects
  • never forget that you can add to the project once home!

If I am traveling with a notebook, that means taking 1 adhesive, small scissors, and maybe a small bag (I mean SMALL) of stickers, die cuts, or other bits I might want. If I am headed to a crop? I take no more than 2x what I think I will realistically finish.

Why all the limits? Two main reasons:

  1. Being forced to work within a limited supply forces creativity! You’ll make it work, and be glad you did!
  2. Having too much stuff can slow you down and actually block your progress!

Remember that you can always add to your project once back home – from stamps to details. So don’t stress – just enjoy your time with a craft project on a family vacation, road trip, on a plane, or simply at a crop!

Now this preparing in advance DOES take time, but if you’re someone who only can craft on occasion, or wants to maximize results in the end? WORTH IT! The great part is you can prepare for your adventure in small amounts of time, as you have the spare time. If you have tips and tricks for what works for you – I’d love to hear about it!

I am just home from an EPIC family vacation! I planned for months, collecting my information in notebooks. Why bother with this?

  • easy access no internet needed
  • great for scrapbook details/plans once back home
  • fun way to pass the time with a long countdown to vacation!

I also pre-sticker/stamped an empty journal to fill as the vacation went along. I’ll be sharing how that went, my completed travel journals, AND the entire scrapbooking process from how I am setting up the album to a tutorial on every single page in my new online class! You can find more information and pre-register for the early bird price here. 

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