Scrapbooking: NYC simple pocket page

Another day, another page in the NYC pocket page album to finish! For this 5 day trip I committed myself to a 6×8 sized album and have been determined to finish it up before the one year mark passes!

One big tip right off the bat: remove the foam! If you’ve got embellishments you want to scrapbook with that are super dimensional thanks to thick foam on the back… rip it off! (gently, of course). This makes these lovely embellishments a lot more manageable for my pocket pages! 

Speaking of pocket pages, today we’re headed to Keen’s Steakhouse. This was our big splurge for the trip – and a worthy experience! We loved the food, but especially the amazing building and rooms that seemed trapped in another time. For this page I decided to highlight a food photo – it wouldn’t be a family scrapbook without food pics!

When working on simple accents for a page of this size I recommend two things: pick 2-3 spots to make a cluster, and repeat some element. In my case it was gold hearts. It provides a consistency that I love. But it felt not quite done…

Sakura pen work to the rescue! just a little black pen line and it came together beautifully. I use, recommend, and love the Micron pens for scrapbooking. Below you can see the full layout – there are more photos of the food and us girls on the next page – but all the info is here.

Another tip: Save business cards! They make such a fun accent to your scrapbooking.

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