NYC: Scrapbooking Katz’s Lunch

mini series alert! I’m wrapping up my NYC 2017 album, and as I do I will be sharing process photos, tips, and notes as I finish this 6×8 pocket page album!

Today’s photos are from the legendary Katz’s Deli. We took a cab (Uber, actually) over to this spot specifically because Jason had asked for a lunch here. Us girls sampled and shared a variety of things we’d never tried… and wow! We still talk about how Matzo ball soup is the best thing ever and wish we could make it that good!  

My plan for this set of pages was simple: I had a busy neutral patterned paper, and some black and white travel themed stickers. (here’s an affiliate link to where I got those)

I also at times combined letter stickers + the puffy pre-made word stickers

Another really easy fix: I trimmed two photos to be just under 3″ wide so I could fit them side by side on a 6×8 full page. One thing I have realized over the years is that if needed, most photos can be cropped quite a bit!

I am seriously craving a sandwich now! I did zig-zag stitching at the top and bottom of the page (right side) and NOTHING on the other page (two 4×4 pics). I love this! Simple gets a bad reputation at times for being easy – but sometimes you really don’t need a lot of complex technique or products to make a page exactly what you want!

Katz’s remains high on the Flaum family “must eat” list – we got there at about 11am and waited about 20 minutes for a table. Prepare for crowds – but enjoy the delicious eats!

2 thoughts on “NYC: Scrapbooking Katz’s Lunch”

  1. What a fun visit! Love the way the pages came together. Simple is good!

  2. love katz’s Deli! And there is an amazing candy store around the corner called “Economy CAndy” !! Great pages May. I had an aha moment recently. I’ve lived in Hong Kong on and off for 20 years and have been thinking about how I can document this. I’ve decided to do an “Only in HK” album – pocket page style.

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