Creative Fitness: Let’s make a collage card!

One thing I like to do when creativity is “stuck” and I am not sure what to work on? Make a card.

In the beginning it started as a way for me to figure out what I do and don’t like in my cards. It is also a way to use up scraps and leftover bits. Also? ZERO pressure. Sometimes just playing around with bits of this and that is all I need?

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Quick & Easy: Pocket Page ideas

When it comes to my scrapbooks in recent years when you look through them you’re going to find a wide mix of things. You’re going to find quick pages, pages of literally just photos, pages that took a long time, and pocket pages. I focus on having fun + telling my stories + documenting my family’s life. I don’t ever consider what is cool, trendy, or whatever. Because I’ve been scrapbooking long enough to know – none of that matters!

Today I am going to share about a pocket page I just wrapped up in my 2017 scrapbook. (real in progress desk shot below!)

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