Quick & Easy: Pocket Page ideas

When it comes to my scrapbooks in recent years when you look through them you’re going to find a wide mix of things. You’re going to find quick pages, pages of literally just photos, pages that took a long time, and pocket pages. I focus on having fun + telling my stories + documenting my family’s life. I don’t ever consider what is cool, trendy, or whatever. Because I’ve been scrapbooking long enough to know – none of that matters!

Today I am going to share about a pocket page I just wrapped up in my 2017 scrapbook. (real in progress desk shot below!)

So before we get making anything, I ask myself a few things:

  • Do you have any big wild ideas for this?
  • What is the story/how long is the journaling?
  • What products do you have that will work well color or theme wise?

This isn’t a terribly long process- but it gives me answers I need in regards to what kind of page I will make, what amount of time it will take, and what my initial visions are. In this case, I knew i had some new Maggie Holmes/Crate Paper (affiliate link to Scrapbook.com who stocks the whole line) – and that the colors would work well.

When making a pocket page I tend to keep things simple – or if getting fancy then just on 1-2 pockets. In this case, I decided to use stamping on one pocket and die cuts on another. Here is a brief YouTube video explaining my process.


I used a lot of floral patterned paper, and I just let this be simple + fun. A bit of stitching, a few notes and boom! I’m ready for my next scrapbook page. 02

Basically? Have FUN with it! (Oh yeah, and if ever near the Fremont Diner in Sonoma? Eat there.)

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  1. I will have to recommend the Fremont Diner to my daughter–she lives in Sonoma. If you go back to that area, you should check out quarry hill Botanical Garden where she works. It is a beautiful place to explore, one of the few areas that didn’t get burned by the fires.

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