Ladybug card: Custom made with the ScanNCut

So I have been struggling for creative time, trying to figure out some new fun thing to inspire me and guess what? I found inspiration in some decorations our neighbor was creating for her daughter’s birthday! She is having a pink ladybug party and I thought… I wonder if I can make a ladybug with the ScanNCut?

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Unicorn to my Rainbow: Watercolor Card

So I went shopping some new stamps and found some I simply couldn’t pass up! (Affiliate links used below) Paired with one of my 28 Lilac Lane mixes (Fairy Dust – now shipping!) these Ellen Hutson Unicorn stamps and sentiment¬†¬†were simply too much fun! I am a really big fan of taking a piece of watercolor paper and just trying new stamps out. No pressure, no fuss! So here today is what I came up with for these new to me sets.

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What to do with that creative experiment?

Do you make time for creative play? In my experience this is a vital component. Now it doesn’t have to be big or fancy! It could simply be putting some ink to paper, playing in a journal, or doodling on scrap paper.

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