ScanNCutDX: Cutting out a stamp mask

One of the first things I learned to do with my ScanNCut – and still one of my favorites – is cutting around stamped images.

You simply can not beat cutting out stamped images with the ScanNCut because it gives you total control! You can have a negative, none, or a positive outline around the line in any size you want. What could make it better? It is super easy and you can do it with multiple stamps at the same time as well.

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What to do with that creative experiment?

Do you make time for creative play? In my experience this is a vital component. Now it doesn’t have to be big or fancy! It could simply be putting some ink to paper, playing in a journal, or doodling on scrap paper.

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Creative Fitness: Let’s make a collage card!

One thing I like to do when creativity is “stuck” and I am not sure what to work on? Make a card.

In the beginning it started as a way for me to figure out what I do and don’t like in my cards. It is also a way to use up scraps and leftover bits. Also? ZERO pressure. Sometimes just playing around with bits of this and that is all I need?

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Quick Formula: sequin card

Today I want to share with you one of my “quick and easy” formulas for crafting. Today’s example: An easy way to use up those loose sequins on your work space! This is something I come across a lot, and making a card is always a great easy way to “clean the desk” as well as use up some random supplies.

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Watercolor Gift Card (cards) featuring ScanNCut

Once in a while I hit on an idea that is absolutely perfect – and turns out exactly or better than I had imagined. This is one such time! My inspiration was simple: I wanted to make some gift card “cards” for some Jr High teachers I’ll be seeing this week at conferences. After looking around at my supplies I decided that a bird stamp set + my ScanNCut would be just the thing.

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