“Up to no good” Shaker Shadow Box with the ScanNCut

I was in the craft store and I saw a lot of shadow boxes like the one you see above. They had pre-printed sentiments and were fairly common and bland. I thought to myself… if I could find a plain one I could use craft vinyl to rock something extra fun!

usual disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions expressed are as always – my own. 

When I got home with my plain shadow box I went looking for a photo of my eldest daughter to display. Before I knew it I found a photo of her from our vacation last December that was perfect in color, size, and style for something extra fun!

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Harry Potter party: menu sign

With a little typing, and just a few things from my craft stash I was able to make a centerpiece for our party that I talked about yesterday. If you are a crafter and you have some cardstock, there is an amazing amount you can do with just a bit of imagination and a few minutes. I’m reminded to use my crafty skills more often, and for the good of my family!

072 copy

  • Figure out some clever menu names. I just took details and names from the book and matched them up to plain food we were going to eat anyhow. “apple potion” is apple juice + a dash of sprite. Everything else is just stuff from the fridge that I knew we’d enjoy nibbling on for dinner as we watched the movie.
  • Once typed up (dafont.com has a Harry Potter font free), print out onto (I used kraft) 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.
  • Use a pencil to help you curl the top and bottom of the paper up TIGHT. when you release it you can then relax it into more of a light curl.
  • Use a hole punch to pop TWO holes in the top and bottom. This will hold the curl + be how you attach the menu onto a stick.

Hmm… plain kraft doesn’t look magic or old though. So I used some brown ink and distressed the edges. I also sprinkled gold and black embossing powder (and heat set from underneath) on my menu for a magical touch. I also cut notches to make the paper look old and worn.


For the branch – well I went out in the yard and found a straight twig the right size from a random plant! Super easy and the girls are still talking about it.

Harry Potter: movie #1 party

We read Harry Potter book #1 over the last few weeks, with the promise that when we finished it we’d watch the movie version. Then, deciding to add a bit of fun we stopped and grabbed Harry Potter chocolate frogs and jelly bellies at the store.


That was going to be the extent of our theming… until I got an idea to see if I could make our table into more of a Hogwarts feast and bring some themed goodness into our girl’s night. My rules were simple: No buying anything new, everything has to be found in my house and/or in my yard. Challenge, accepted!


There were whispers upstairs in the girl’s room that Hedwig the owl might be dropping a Hogwarts package of wizardry and fun… that our movie night might be more of a fancy feast… well if you call cutting out + painting paper lightning bolts onto plastic cups fancy, well then this is the place.

069 copy

The food – it is simply food we were going to have for a snacks/small bites style dinner. The runner on the table is just some fabric I have (and in fact used last Thanksgiving!) I named the food and made a fancy menu – I’ll give the how-to for that tomorrow.

077 copy

The one thing I had wanted was a bunch of candles… but I couldn’t find my box of LED (aka no flame!) tea lights so I just let that go. I did have two LED snowflake faux candles – we rolled with those. I spent about 40 minutes total making my menu, digging up the few details I could come up with, and setting up the table. Time in the kitchen? 30min max. it was a HOT day and we already had planned to not cook really.

081 copy

When I was ready I turned the music (on the menu of the DVD) way up and the girls knew it was time for some food + fun. The thing that really struck me in doing this was a) it really wasn’t that much effort or time b) it didn’t cost me extra, we just used food (except the jelly beans) we already had and c) it really made a simple Sunday evening movie night FUN.

We have more themed movie and in general personal little ‘party’ themes in mind – I’ll be sharing them here all summer long.