“Up to no good” Shaker Shadow Box with the ScanNCut

I was in the craft store and I saw a lot of shadow boxes like the one you see above. They had pre-printed sentiments and were fairly common and bland. I thought to myself… if I could find a plain one I could use craft vinyl to rock something extra fun!

usual disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions expressed are as always – my own. 

When I got home with my plain shadow box I went looking for a photo of my eldest daughter to display. Before I knew it I found a photo of her from our vacation last December that was perfect in color, size, and style for something extra fun!

The great part about this project? You could do this with anything. Any style, any color, anything! What could be better? While weeding and placing individual letters onto a project may be borderline tedious work – it really wasn’t!! I was expecting a much more difficult process and was delighted how quickly this all came together.

My full tutorial and video process can be found on YouTube here.

I want to note a few things that made this project go so very well:

  1. I utilized the FREE app on my laptop (type converter) that lets me type in any letters/words I want, preview, and save as a cut file for my ScanNCut. I can’t over sell this – it is amazingly quick and easy when you have something to make into a cut file!
  2. Sketching out first. This helped me gauge the actual space I was working with and how big (or rather, how small!) I wanted my letters
  3. Starting at the end of the “end” letters, and the beginning of the “starting” letters. This let me work in the words so that they’d fit well, rather than working myself into a corner. Remember start to finish when it comes to applying letters isn’t always the right way to go!

Now this piece is sitting atop my (new) ScanNCut/sewing station desk.

I can’t tell you how much I love this! From being able to use a themed font to quickly and easily being able to layer some details for a fun crafty project that I’m already cherishing – this project was a blast!

A project like this would be FANTASTIC as a gift for the upcoming holiday season! Any photo, any size, and any word(s) you like! I’ve noticed a lot of clear frames being used with quotes and I’m working on some projects with those now specifically for the holidays.

What craftiness are you up to this week?

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  1. What a great idea, May! I love the way this one turned out. (Love the Bandit lamp, too!)

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