Harry Potter party: menu sign

With a little typing, and just a few things from my craft stash I was able to make a centerpiece for our party that I talked about yesterday. If you are a crafter and you have some cardstock, there is an amazing amount you can do with just a bit of imagination and a few minutes. I’m reminded to use my crafty skills more often, and for the good of my family!

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  • Figure out some clever menu names. I just took details and names from the book and matched them up to plain food we were going to eat anyhow. “apple potion” is apple juice + a dash of sprite. Everything else is just stuff from the fridge that I knew we’d enjoy nibbling on for dinner as we watched the movie.
  • Once typed up (dafont.com has a Harry Potter font free), print out onto (I used kraft) 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.
  • Use a pencil to help you curl the top and bottom of the paper up TIGHT. when you release it you can then relax it into more of a light curl.
  • Use a hole punch to pop TWO holes in the top and bottom. This will hold the curl + be how you attach the menu onto a stick.

Hmm… plain kraft doesn’t look magic or old though. So I used some brown ink and distressed the edges. I also sprinkled gold and black embossing powder (and heat set from underneath) on my menu for a magical touch. I also cut notches to make the paper look old and worn.


For the branch – well I went out in the yard and found a straight twig the right size from a random plant! Super easy and the girls are still talking about it.

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  1. Joanne Rosario says

    Well said, Kae! You are the Mom I wanted to be. What a wonderful way to make movie night special. I’d still be talking about it, too. Well done, May.