A little rainbow love in my scrapbook

I was super excited to see that Damask Love now has products in JoAnn stores – but sad that it wasn’t anywhere near me! Luckily you can order the stuff online, and that’s exactly what I did!

The colors are bright, the motifs whimsical, and the patterns a lot of fun. I decided to feature a photo of my daughter Elizabeth meeting a new horse. Horses are so special to her, and I know she’ll want a scrapbook page made about any/all that she happens to spend time with!

My page design was simple: cut 6″ high strips to coordinate with my photo, and go across the page! I used a woodgrain white cardstock background for texture and detail on this simple page. I used stickers and sequins from the Damask Love line for this page.

Pages like this remind me sometimes you don’t need a big story, and it is really fun to do a page with a lot of white space to really keep your eye focused. Another important reminder? Get those new supplies out! Don’t save them forever or “for the perfect event” – play and enjoy!! I’m glad I took the 20minutes to sit and create this page and share – and I hope we’ll see MORE Damask Love products as well because I’m always up for rainbows and bright happy things!

Some Bunny Told Me…

The ScanNCutDX as you know, is a product I’m really loving! (the usual disclaimer that I work with Brother, but all ideas and opinions are my own) One of the things I love is that when I’m in a hurry I can find amazing free and paid files ready to rock on Canvas Workspace (free online software/editing for ScanNCut products)

Today I’ve been playing with some from an Easter (available for purchase) set that are designed as cupcake wrappers. The thing about cut files – just like anything you can make what you want of them!

I downloaded these onto a USB and put it in my ScanNCutDX. Then I selected the files (both of them), and deleted the “wrapper” part of the pattern – it’s all separate so this was really easy! You can see below the “wrapper” part that I just needed to select, delete.

Once I had both bunny and chick in there, I moved all the pieces close together because I had determined I wanted to cut them out from white watercolor paper and color myself to have a bit of fun.

If ever you aren’t sure what color you want things- DIY works and is super fun! I used watercolor markers to color up my pieces…

Once all of the pieces are colored, assemble!

Remember that the ScanNCut (and your craft supplies!) aren’t rated food safe – so you do want to take caution! I used food picks to attach to the back of these – toothpicks would work too. Then I made sure to not touch the cakes with the paper – just the pick.

How cute are these critters atop these little carrot cakes? I just love how this looks and how much fun this adds to Easter festivities without a huge amount of time and just white cardstock and some color markers!

I’m wishing you a wonderful Easter week and spring! Happy Crafting!

Around here, let’s regroup.

I’ve been quite here on my blog, though not intentionally! You see it’s simply been crazy around here more so than usual, combined with me trying to rework, well, how I work!

What does that have to do with this tiny ice cream sundae? (Oh and it is tiny – that is a very small appetizer cup!) Well one of the things I’ve been working on is celebrating the everyday a bit more, and finding ways to keep my teen/tween girls talking and interacting more with each other and me too. We are super close – but it’s not quite the same as when they’re little, is it?

So last Friday I put a movie on, set up the table with (semi healthy) avocado & cucumber sandwiches, fruit, and a few treat items too and it worked. Food is definitely a motivator as far as sitting/gathering which doesn’t surprise me – we do love our treats here in the Flaum house!

I am reminded how hard (but also SHORT – they fly by!) the teen years are, and how knowing there’s a happy space and people who support you is so important. I’m also reminded that if I don’t meet my own expectations in some way – that’s ok! (Example: not blogging for almost a month! whoops!) My personal goal right now is pretty simple: be my best self. Day to day that’s going to look different, and my schedule is going to look wildly different tomorrow vs 5 years ago. The one constant is change, right?

The dogs are well – they are a lovely constant and one thing that hasn’t gone haywire – KNOCK ON WOOD! Above you see Scrappy and Ranger watching as I work with Bandit on stay/heel/etc out front while they were told to sit/stay at the door. Good dogs!

Creatively I haven’t had a lot of luck making time for things I can share – but I definitely have projects in progress or in my mind that you’ll be seeing soon! A big part of my “go quiet” on the blog while not intentional for so long, was a part of my bigger plan to revamp how I’m spending my time, and how I’m sharing with you. I dropped off too much with my fitness goals and it has cost me – but I’m working on it.

You’ll be seeing more video content that doesn’t have a blog post attached (most videos in past did!) over on YouTube. Likewise you’ll see more blog posts that are in depth/longer and slightly less frequently than in past because of their in depth nature. If you follow me on social media – well you won’t see much change. LOL! I always try to keep it real, and “real time” over there as well.

an image meant for a post… well a while back. clearly!

I hope you’re finding a good life balance or that you’re content with what you’re up to. If you aren’t, I’d love to talk to you about how you’re finding your creative time or what you’re changing up. I’m working to adapt a “my best today” strategy and being flexible in what exactly that looks like day to day. I’m excited for what I have been (slowly!) implementing and I’m excited to share more with you scrapbooks to costume accessories!

Shell Hair Clip with ScanNCutDx

As you know, I am a paid consultant for Brother but all ideas and opinions are my own. I always share that as I believe 100% in total transparency and just in case this is the first post of mine you’ve seen. ANYHOW! I have a super fun mega exciting project today that I’m thrilled with!

My goal: Create a shiny seashell hair clip full of treasure and fun with supplies I’ve got on hand. To do this I started with extra thick (3mm) firm craft felt, my ScanNCutDX and its built in designs, and some sparkly vinyl that is iron-on.

Here is a link to the YouTube tutorial, if you’d like to watch my exact process.

Basically, it goes like this:

  1. Select pattern, cut out desired size from felt. Then turn on “half cut” and cut vinyl, weed vinyl, and of course iron it onto your felt base.
  2. Hot glue to barrette
  3. Add sparkle

The ScanNCutDX is fabulous for this because it will totally auto-cut and cut the correct thicknesses – no testing needed!

For my seashell I used a mix of rhinestones, pearls, embellishments and beads. I LOVE the results and know this will make an awesome accessory for a themed outfit! A project like this is so simple and fun to do, and can add a lot to a costume or just to everyday wear.

Foam Queen Crown with ScanNCutDx

So here’s the story: I was going to be running a princess themed 5k race and I wanted a crown to wear for fun/photos. But I needed it to be light, not require me to buy anything new, and I wanted it to be disposable IF it was really irritating me during the race. Where to begin? Well I knew my ScanNCutDX would be a key factor, and so that is where we begin.

The usual disclaimer here – I am a paid consultant for Brother, and all ideas and opinions are my own. I come up with my own creative content and wacky ideas and I share all that I enjoy and do with my machine with you happily!

me after the race at the hotel – I did it!

One not new – yet new to me in this capacity material is craft foam. Only recently as I dive into cosplay have my eyes been opened to the truly incredible uses you can put this simple material to work on! I decided to pull out the 3mm random sheets of foam I had and try to turn a headband (free- party favor) into a crown!

Step 1: I drew a crown and then traced over with thicker black pen. I wanted strong lines for my ScanNCutDX to read. Then I scanned it in. Note the size does NOT need to be exact you can resize and edit!

Step 2: I brought the area (arrows) in to just around my crown, and made sure I liked how everything looked. Once this is done, save the file to your machine (or a USB drive) and get ready to cut! I loaded a piece of 3mm foam onto a regular mat, opened my file, resized to be just wider than the ears on my headband (see below) and cut from orange foam. Then I cut a second time (same file/size) from grey foam as these were the colors I had left.

Once I had both cut out I drew a line and cut the foam that would be sticking below my headband. I realized I could and should have taken the headband angle into consideration before drawing my crown – lesson learned! But this works too!

For the attaching I used a lot of hot glue, gluing one side to the “ears/headband” and then sandwiching the other side with more hot glue. I also used a heat gun to both close the foam cells (more on this in another post – basically heat setting/sealing it) and to warm up hot glue and smooth it out as needed.

Next up, I used a small tool (the one I use to trim dog toe nails – ha!) and smoothed out some rough spots and as you can see the teeth of the headband now show through. Then I painted it black as a base, added a bit of glue and covered in gold leafing.

The next day as I wiped away excess gold leaf, I realized some of the black paint showed through and that I wanted it to have a bit different look. So I added some glossy sealant and gold paint

I also added a jewel to the top before finishing this off – and I have to tell you guys I got a lot of compliments on my flexible, light, and surprisingly comfortable homemade crown!

While I still don’t classify running as fun (ha!) – this was a really fun event and I am so glad we did it AND that I had a custom crafted “free with stuff from my house” crown to help top off my outfit!

7am mood when you’d left hotel at 3am for the race…

I am really excited to continue working with foam (so budget friendly!), my ScanNCutDX which auto-cuts said foam, and all my creative and crazy ideas! Stay tuned!