ScanNCutDX: Customize planter

I really want more plants in my office, but I also want them to be fun container wise and don’t like most of what is available at the store. What’s a crafter to do? Just add vinyl! Usual disclaimer here that I am a paid consultant for Brother and work with them, however all ideas and opinions are always my own.

I started with a smooth grey pot that I felt sticker vinyl would stick well to. I picked a dark grey so white would pop, as well as other colors. I also I wanted intricate patterns, made note of height and widths, and otherwise just did a bit of planning before cutting and preparing my materials.

I decided to cut my main (pink) design, as well as a different design in white and apply them before I made any further choices. I like this tactic when building a project like this because it lets me see how my design is going, and choose when and where I should add more.

Here is a link to my YouTube video. That shows the full process of prepping vinyl and reminds of the basic process:

  1. Place vinyl on mat, load mat
  2. Select & size pattern. Select cut, change to 1/2 cut, and let auto blade on the SNCDX do the rest!
  3. Cut around vinyl closely, then weed out what you do not wish to transfer.
  4. Use transfer material to take vinyl design and place onto your surface
  5. Repeat and enjoy!

I ended up placing white cuts into the pink design for more contrast and pop – and I LOVE that!! How to achieve this? I cut a second pattern exactly the same as the first (same size), but this time in white. Then I removed the “pattern” vs weeding out the small bits. Once done, I used transfer material to transfer all those small white parts onto my grey pot – I love the results! I’ve always wanted to try that and I am really happy with how it turned out.

I’m tempted now to add some vinyl to that typewriter of mine – the possibilities are endless! I also want to play more with layering vinyl colors as I did here with the floral design – that was easier than I imagined and I think it really looks neat. With this corner of my office so nice and ready to work… I guess I better get back to paperwork!

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