Shell Hair Clip with ScanNCutDx

As you know, I am a paid consultant for Brother but all ideas and opinions are my own. I always share that as I believe 100% in total transparency and just in case this is the first post of mine you’ve seen. ANYHOW! I have a super fun mega exciting project today that I’m thrilled with!

My goal: Create a shiny seashell hair clip full of treasure and fun with supplies I’ve got on hand. To do this I started with extra thick (3mm) firm craft felt, my ScanNCutDX and its built in designs, and some sparkly vinyl that is iron-on.

Here is a link to the YouTube tutorial, if you’d like to watch my exact process.

Basically, it goes like this:

  1. Select pattern, cut out desired size from felt. Then turn on “half cut” and cut vinyl, weed vinyl, and of course iron it onto your felt base.
  2. Hot glue to barrette
  3. Add sparkle

The ScanNCutDX is fabulous for this because it will totally auto-cut and cut the correct thicknesses – no testing needed!

For my seashell I used a mix of rhinestones, pearls, embellishments and beads. I LOVE the results and know this will make an awesome accessory for a themed outfit! A project like this is so simple and fun to do, and can add a lot to a costume or just to everyday wear.

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