Some Bunny Told Me…

The ScanNCutDX as you know, is a product I’m really loving! (the usual disclaimer that I work with Brother, but all ideas and opinions are my own) One of the things I love is that when I’m in a hurry I can find amazing free and paid files ready to rock on Canvas Workspace (free online software/editing for ScanNCut products)

Today I’ve been playing with some from an Easter (available for purchase) set that are designed as cupcake wrappers. The thing about cut files – just like anything you can make what you want of them!

I downloaded these onto a USB and put it in my ScanNCutDX. Then I selected the files (both of them), and deleted the “wrapper” part of the pattern – it’s all separate so this was really easy! You can see below the “wrapper” part that I just needed to select, delete.

Once I had both bunny and chick in there, I moved all the pieces close together because I had determined I wanted to cut them out from white watercolor paper and color myself to have a bit of fun.

If ever you aren’t sure what color you want things- DIY works and is super fun! I used watercolor markers to color up my pieces…

Once all of the pieces are colored, assemble!

Remember that the ScanNCut (and your craft supplies!) aren’t rated food safe – so you do want to take caution! I used food picks to attach to the back of these – toothpicks would work too. Then I made sure to not touch the cakes with the paper – just the pick.

How cute are these critters atop these little carrot cakes? I just love how this looks and how much fun this adds to Easter festivities without a huge amount of time and just white cardstock and some color markers!

I’m wishing you a wonderful Easter week and spring! Happy Crafting!

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