for the first time in the history of forever…

 I love bringing my camera EVERYWHERE with me – I don’t get people who complain about “space” or “lugging it around”. It’s just NOT a big deal. Decide it’s worth it, that you want to document, and bring it along!! Isn’t SO MUCH OF LIFE about that? Making decisions and choosing vs compain/whine/make excuses. *anyhow* That said, today I went and did a big summer event, and I intentionally left my camera AT HOME.

My fingers itched to take it, but I knew I could do without and just rely on my iPhone for a few printable shots. Doing this freed me up from bringing a backpack for the kids drinks, sweaters, etc… so I went for it. After all: I have something like 10010105883 boardwalk photos from the last ten years AND the day time + outside = OPTIMAL conditions for a camera phone or any not high end camera!!

Some are hipstamatic (OH how I LOVE shooting square camera pics!), others are regular camera in phone. I got some that make me smile, captured girls (their size, pics of them on rides they’ve gone on since being wee little things, etc) in this last big hurrah of summer, AND lightened my load. I think the key is just to use your camera’s phone a lot in normal conditions so you KNOW how it works, time to open/set it up, etc. and you’re strong with it so you aren’t THAT lady sitting going “oh my, hang on, how does this work?!” because nobody is waiting on you – not when Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk awaits!!

Lovely! Had a GREAT day, so much fun, and ate at two spots in Santa Cruz (Aldo’s and Santa Cruz diner) that have been featured on Guy Fieri’s Food Network show DDD (diners, drive ins, dives) which is the girls FAVORITE! So they were geeked out to watch for “guy ate here” signs and whatnot.

Now if I just upload + order a few prints I am good to scrapbook! Most of my iPhone photo scrapbooking is done when I didn’t have a camera with me- but it’s fun to have these photos and this event that was done this way intentionally. I’ll do it again for sure.

Now we’re home (a bit sunburned, but happy!), I’m off to enjoy the last 2 days of summer vacation…

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  1. Funny that you should post this! I am a gal who is known for always and I mean ALWAYS having her camera in hand! (either my big Canon or my tiny Sony) So I intentionally went to a sports event the other day without it to see the whole game, not just through my lens…it felt very odd and I was asked by a few people if I was sick or had my camera been stolen….needless to say, I loved my day and though I did miss it a few times, I had a great event and the memories in my head live on. My camera on my Blackberry is not great so I did not even bother with it! Not too sure how often I will do this though! Felt like I was missing a limb!

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all. My prob with the camera isn’t the camera. It’s me, weeding through all the photos after they’re uploaded. Takes forever and then I don’t get it done. It was so much easier when I would get the pics back from the developer and toss the bad ones. I didn’t have 30 photos of basically the same scene 🙂 or as my sister does, literally 100s of the same scene, just with different bubbles being blown 🙂

    On the other hand, I can take 100s of Disney photos of the kids and not have to worry about the cost of development 🙂

  3. If you look at my blog archives for December 2010 you’ll find a series about how I edit/deal with big batches of photos.

    MY #1 rule?! DO NOT STRESS!!! If there are 30 nearly identical photos, you look and don’t see super clear differences? I will just go through and delete every other one. There! Now it’s 15, and I pick through and find the 4-6 I like best. My method is doing ‘passes’ through – it’s QUICK. Eliminate all the blurry, cut a few duplicate looking pics, pick a few more… it’s just a few minutes, and I walk away. WORKS too! Here’s a few links:

    All the posts can be found back in 12/2010 archives – including my photo processing reviews. 🙂


  4. I mentioned it in the post – I use the hipstamatic app – it takes funky square photos and you can choose various frames/film effects. SO FUN! You have to have an iphone for it, but there are other photo apps that work with other phones. I prefer hipstamatic. I also use straight camera so you get just “regular” photos too.

  5. ok after your post, listening to a paperclipping roundtable discussion and Shimelle’s post about smart phone photos, I am seriously going to look into the Hipstamatic ap for my phone or my child’s ipod! Aaghh….more technology…I am too old!

  6. Santa Cruz my favorite place to visit. Just found your blog and going to order your new book.

  7. so..should i bring my SLR with me to Disney land or get by with my little coolpix and my camera phone?

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