Spooky Configurations: part 1

I’m getting started on a fun Halloween project. I’ll be working on it for a while – shadow boxes require a lot of work! So watch for weekly segments updating my progress, showing techniques, and more. Here is the first segment:


and I’m just getting started! Nothing is glued (yet), and I’ve got a long way to go… but I’m loving where it’s heading!

Questions? feel free to leave them in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Spooky Configurations: part 1”

  1. Great idea!!! I have quite a few of those pieces laying around from last year. This year Michael’s has some great small ravens/crows along with some other great Halloween goodies that fit perfectly in the Configurations. Thanx for the video and thanx for the inspiration!

  2. Been ignoring Halloween stuff at Michael’s guess I better go investigate.
    great video – thanks for the spookey & fun ideas Crazy May

  3. Thanks for sharing your work with us! I’m planning to work on a Halloween configurations box as well. I wasn’t planning on using any actual vintage items for my future shadowboxes (except for the hankies my mom promised to send me), but I have been scoping out miniatures at craft stores, and my son’s neglected toy box. Yes, I got his permission first. 😉 He’s as excited about the configurations boxes as I am.

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