WDW album: stage 2

The photos are edited, uploaded to sites, and ordered. Now comes step #2: Organizing/preparing to scrapbook them! I will confess I rarely do a “full album” in my scrapbooking. I just tend to take moments and layouts as they come, and I don’t usually have a vacation or event big enough to fill a whole book.

A week in Disney World though, certainly has enough photos & memories to get it’s own book!!

So it begins. How will I stay organized? What will I do with the 300+ photos I printed? When am I going to find time for this? Well it’s pretty easy, actually. I bought (pre-trip) an American Crafts D-ring binder album + divided page protectors. I’m putting the photos in (sometimes 2 or 3 to a single slot) based on how I envision they’d be scrapbooked. In other words, all the Princess Lunch photos are all together. The meeting Mickey pictures are on same page. Magic Kingdom castle shots? Same page… you get the picture. I’m NOT concerned with “the order” outside of keeping pictures likely to be scrapped together, near each other.

So when I want to scrapbook something, I do NOT have to go in order. I can go in and pull the photos I want. In the meantime, the rest stay nice and organized AND in a way my family can see them if they would like. There’s no rush or pressure – I can go at my own pace.

If I end up with photos I like/want to keep in album but don’t want to scrap? EASY! Just leave them in the page protector in the album. I *LOVE* divided page protectors and how they + D ring album = scrapbook heaven. What happens to the page protectors I empty out? Well that’s easy! I save them for the next time I want to organize some photos/have them saved in this method.

For now I’ve got a rapidly filling album, and they joy of no pressure. Also the pure bliss of knowing that these photos are organized… even if the rest of my studio is a mess.

I should probably do something about this place… oh well.

Happy Crafting.

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  1. This is what I did with out Disneyland pictures, put them into a photo album. They were easy to flip through and enjoy until/while I scrapped them. I did make a while album of just our vacation. I bought a 12×12 Disney album (in Disneyland). Then 11 months later we went again! And will go again soon. I think now I could just scrap ‘a few’ (few being a relative term) since I’ve got many of the main memories already scrapped from the first time. I don’t think I will have the desire to print every single picture I take of every ride, float, character and I won’t want to scrap them all.

  2. We just got back from Walt Disney World last Saturday and I have yet to get the photos printed. You are way ahead of the game in my book! 🙂

  3. I know I’m going to have some quiet creative time the week after Christmas… so I put a rush on getting them all ordered up. 🙂 I might have seen you there – we got back home last Saturday as well!!!


    PS – hope to see what you do with your layouts/photos and such!!

  4. I always say “oh I’m not gonna scrap so much next time…” and yet I always do! I LOVE Disney pages. 🙂

    That said – back when we had season D-Land passes I only did a few and/or combined trip photos quite often…

  5. I really like the idea of printing them out & putting them in divided page protecters until you’re ready to use them. It would make it a lot faster to find what you want to scrap when you’re ready & like you said, in the mean time they’re available for people to look at.

  6. I am so jealous – quiet time after Christmas — and with 2 children — how is that possible – mine are all grown and I still can’t find quiet time — taking your “retreat class” at big picture to find the quiet time and inspiration. You’re amazing — quiet time after Christmas — amazing.

  7. OMG this is such a great idea- mine tend to sit in a box until I remember they are there and want to do something with them. But this is a fab idea, and I already have a D ring album and divided page protectors at home. I am going to take them with me on holiday and sort some of my bigger event photos into them.

    Thanks May – you are a star
    Merry Christmas

  8. Thanks for sharing this … it seems simple but I never think of anything like this. I need to do this … we went to WDW back in May and I never even went thru the photos …. in small steps like you describe seems doable. I AM going to do this. Great Job!

  9. Fabulous idea! I too have several hundred photos from a trip to Europe two years ago that I still haven’t done anything with. I will skip off to my nearby Hobby Lobby and grab an album and some page protectors. Thank so much for all if your creativity, ideas and sharing your life with us. You rock!

  10. Who doesn’t love scrapping Disney? While I don’t often scrap 4×6 photos preferring to use a mix of larger focal photo and smaller supporting ones on my pages, the use of divided page protectors for interim viewing certainly has merit. I’ll have to give that some thought with the next big album project I undertake, especially if I’m somewhat preplanning the whole thing.
    I’m in the home stretch (less than 10 pages to go) of a big Disney trip our family took several years ago. While treating each page separately (as opposed to an overall plan for all pages) takes longer, I love the variety of papers and embellishments which are a natural result of scrapping over time, and that one has no idea what the turn of a page will bring. My two 12×12 albums that make up this trip are a true family treasure.

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