The big event photos: part 1

The holiday gathering is perhaps one of the WORST for me as far as remembering to take photos. Simply put, I don’t. There are a few rules I generally try to remember, and these can be applied to holiday, vacation, or any other special event:

1. First off, you need to TAKE photos!! Have you ever said “Geez, I hate that I have so many great photos to choose from. I wish I’d taken less!” after a vacation or event? I never have! Snap away. Thanks to digital cameras, it doesn’t cost you anything to take lots of pics…

2. What do you enjoy? Do you like candids? group posed shots? detail pictures? A little of everything? Know what you like to have (after), and keep that in mind as you click away…

3. If you think of it, take the picture!!! Do NOT wait for “later”. It won’t come. It’s never going to be the perfect time. Get shots early on!!

4. Know thy camera. I don’t know squat about all the manual settings… but I DO know basics of when to (and not to) use flash, and I do my best to maximize my photos potential. If you are comfortable with your camera, you’ll be more likely to¬†get better photos. Also: don’t forget to zoom (in & out), get both landscape and portrait,

5. Don’t be a wallflower, get in some shots!! For me this is more a “remember to pass the camera” more than a being shy thing. But you’re more than the person behind the camera, you’re a part of this special event too!!!

6. Keep the stories in mind. Take photos of details (signs, food, etc.) that will help you remember the stories you want to tell. You may not use these or even print them – but they can help you recall details better when you are ready to scrapbook or journal your event(s).

7. BURSTS! It’s my style, it’s served me well. I take 5, 10, maybe 30 pictures in a brief period of time then drop camera. enjoy. pick it back up much later for another burst of pictures. I tend to annoy people less + have more time to enjoy since I’m not constantly taking pictures.

Once you’re back home, a whole ‘nother challenge presents itself: organizing, editing, and printing!! I will be sharing both tips & my personal process with you over the next few days as I go through my own Disney World pictures…

4 thoughts on “The big event photos: part 1”

  1. I personally need to work on #5 more. I find that I am not in a lot pictures especially at special ocassions. Julie

  2. What a great list! I especially like #1. I’ve definitely had moments where I wished I had a photo, but never felt like I hated having too many photos. Great post!

  3. Thanks May ! Best tip is #3 . .”take the picture” but I personally will be working on #5 this year; my children have no photos of me ! Enjoy your Holiday season . . .

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