CHA 2015: Simple Stories

cha (240) copy

Simple Stories has a new line that is pretty unique. “I Am”. Some elements of this line are really exciting to me. Mostly I’m liking that they took some risk and made a “self” type line. We do NOT see that often!

cha (228) copy

I like the little pockets with tabs and chipboard (below), as well as the brads and several of the papers.

cha (229) copy cha (236) copy

I’m really into the idea of this line, one that is empowering and focused on self. The only pieces I really am not interested in are the stickers (too much “I am” and I’m not a repetitive words girl). It really is a lovely color palette and great concept for a paper line.

cha (238) copy

Loving the colors and patterns (above). Also exciting – 4×6 Snap albums!

cha (243) copy

This makes me think of vacation and other smaller scale project albums. I really love the Snap book that I use for our camping adventures – so if I’m in the market for a small book I’ll likely check one of these out. Maybe a Christmas 2015 daily type album? Who knows!

cha (246) copy

Speaking of fun… look at these.

cha (245) copy

Now I realize these are designed so you can crop (without a trimmer), but I argue that this would be GREAT for making mixed media layouts! Use the plastic as a mask so you’re not getting gungy stuff on your photo area! Use it to stencil or mist around. Create designs! I’m totally getting this and I will see if it works out as I think it will.

CHA 2015: Brett Weldele and Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous

The other Stamper’s Anonymous artist that really wowed me was Dina Wakley – you can see her stuff already posted in the post that I did a few days ago just about her.

cha (11) copy

First up, Brett Weldele is back with six new stamps and some stencils too. I’ll be passing on the stamps this round just because I don’t see myself really using any of them. But don’t get me wrong – they’re awesome. I especially love that he gave us some zombies that could be really fun to color and make gory. I also weirdly love the cat with monocle.

What will I be buying? The stencils.

cha (13) copy

The scales blows my mind – need, want, love. The tentacles too.

Speaking of good ideas, on the other side of the booth was all the Tim Holtz stamping and stenciling goodness.

cha (14) copy

First up: the mini blueprints will now come in 4-packs so you can just get the set you want instead of having to get three sets/12 stamps. YAY!

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CHA 2015: Finnabair for Prima

cha (66) copy

Anna (aka Finnabair) is such an incredible artist, and I remember seeing her work for the first time just a few years ago and thinking how talented and wonderful. She happened to be standing behind me at the time – so guess it is good I loved her stuff!

cha (71) copy

Fast forward to this week, and I was able to see her line that is continuing to develop with Prima Marketing. Some of these items are already available in stores, some are brand new for this show.

cha (161) copy

I have several of her art mediums (gel, crackle, etc) that I will be reviewing soon(ish), and I was excited to see she’s bringing glitter and mica and those types of things back!

cha (163) copy

I’m also very excited by her really cool art stamps. Some available in block, and all in cling format.

cha (166) copy

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CHA 2015: Crate Paper

cha (339) copy

In addition to the Maggie Holmes line, Crate Paper has two lovely new lines this show. First up, Craft Market.

cha (341) copy

My favorite thing are these wood veneer hoops. HECK YES! It reminds me to get out my own actual hoops out, but I also really want these.

cha (347) copy

Oh and yes, of course I’ll share here what I make! This should begin shipping next month – the line is cute it just has a lot of kraft + pink + gold…

cha (344) copy

All things I approve of!

cha (353) copy

LOVE the burlap and these stickers…

cha (348) copy

Their other line hits on the trendy road trip/vintage trailer trend. “Journey” ships this spring and will be ready for the summer road trip season!

cha (336) copy

Love the chipboard, as well as many of the patterned papers.

cha (333) copy

cha (334) copy

Also in this line, great cork words, alphas, and all the usual embellishments you’d expect from Crate Paper.

cha (332) copy

I really like the offerings from Crate, and I can’t wait to create with both of these lines.

CHA 2015: Tim Holtz and Ranger Present the Distress Ink of the Month

cha (2) copy

While the suspense is KILLING me, I do believe the idea of releasing a new (surprise) Distress color each month is a wonderful idea. I love this presentation from Tim Holtz and Ranger for so many reasons:

  • gives us (the consumers) just one color a month to think about and/or consider adding in some form to our collections
  • lets us pick which products we want to add – no more waiting months for the spray or the marker or whatever item wasn’t offered at first!
  • gives store owners a wonderful opportunity to make an event out of the reveal each month, as well as a lovely little display for their stores
  • gives us all something to watch for each month!

I just love that from every aspect as consumers (or store owners!) Ranger has made this a really fun way to make 2015 the year of Distress Ink. I have several ideas rolling around my head for ways to showcase this and future colors – stay tuned! They’re keeping future colors VERY secret until reveal – so no I don’t know what else we’ll see!

cha (1) copy

Note for mini ink pad fans – they’ll release after four months (Example: Jan > April) in a set of four. All the existing/older colors of distress? Those are available in mini individually now!

My personal hope – and yes I want to go on record with this in case I’m right – is for some kind of an orchid color between pink and purple. Oh how I’d love to see that presented in a special month… May!! 😉

cha (3) copy

January’s Cracked Pistachio is now available for pre-order at Simon Says Stamp as a set and should be shipping soon. Ranger promises a color each month – but there is not a set reveal or shipping date at this time. I don’t know if they’ll change that or if we will simply have to stay tuned each month for the surprise…