CHA 2015: Crate Paper

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In addition to the Maggie Holmes line, Crate Paper has two lovely new lines this show. First up, Craft Market.

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My favorite thing are these wood veneer hoops. HECK YES! It reminds me to get out my own actual hoops out, but I also really want these.

cha (347) copy

Oh and yes, of course I’ll share here what I make! This should begin shipping next month – the line is cute it just has a lot of kraft + pinkĀ + gold…

cha (344) copy

All things I approve of!

cha (353) copy

LOVE the burlap and these stickers…

cha (348) copy

Their other line hits on the trendy road trip/vintage trailer trend. “Journey” ships this spring and will be ready for the summer road trip season!

cha (336) copy

Love the chipboard, as well as many of the patterned papers.

cha (333) copy

cha (334) copy

Also in this line, great cork words, alphas, and all the usual embellishments you’d expect from Crate Paper.

cha (332) copy

I really like the offerings from Crate, and I can’t wait to create with both of these lines.

4 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Crate Paper”

  1. Hi may
    I found your blog through Wanda…she gave me this link to your blog on her see more about the CHA…love how you show everything!
    Well seeing it all….I also like so many things now..which I hope I can all order here in the Netherlands…(.I am Wanda’s penpal….)
    I also subscribed to your blog yesterday…look forward to the updates!
    groetjes Holly.

  2. sorry May I just saw your name doesn’t have a capital letter in my comment ….I did push the shift but maybe it went wrong..sorry..

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