Around here: April 2018

Hello there! It’s been a busy time around here and I’ve got a lot to share so here is a rundown of what’s up here in the studio! My new online class is up and running (join in the fun here) and I’m LOVING it! Creating + sharing is such a passion of mine – so thank you for being a part of my adventures.

Speaking of my adventures, in my spare time I’ve been prepping for the Flaum family’s very first overseas adventure! We will be going to Europe (Paris, Barcelona, and more- feel free to share recommendations!) this summer and I’ve been planning the trip, making lists, and getting excited! I will be doing a whole new scrapbooking class after the trip detailing the making of what is sure to be an epic album!

Under things I’m into: rainbows are dominating my world! I’ve been really digging new color combos and taking photos in stores of displays and colors that inspire me. I love color!

Another big thing for me here is that I’ve been on a GREAT streak of eating super healthy + exercising! Last month I got a box from Fairytale Brownies that contained a number of small (SO DELICIOUS) brownies. What to do? The girls and I worked out that we could only have one AFTER an especially excellent workout.

I am not one to use sugar to motivate myself (because that works too well – and I eat too much!) but this was perfect because these rich brownies are small and the perfect portion and calorie size. The Toffee Crunch was my favorite (pictured above) – and it really helped to have an occasional and appropriate sized treat. (here’s their website)

The dogs are all well – Ranger has to have a tooth removed but the littles remain vigilant and on watch keeping the neighborhood in order.

While I love the cold of winter, I am enjoying the brighter colors and blooms of spring! Orange blossoms and lilacs are filling the backyard and it is wonderful!

I’ve been working on some jewelry projects in my spare time (and of course – Disney/travel posts on!), and I’m excited to make this a really healthy month full of creativity, exercise, and strong productivity habits! I hope that you’re doing well – I’d love to hear what projects you’re working on and any current favorites.


5 thoughts on “Around here: April 2018”

  1. Such cute pictures of you and the dogs. And that mug! Keep up the positive habits, May!

  2. Paris is wonderful so glad you are going! If you haven’t gotten Rick Steves Paris book I definitely recommend it for his sightseeing tips (but not his restaurants!). I would highly recommend that you purchase your Eiffel Tower tickets online now it will save you hours by not having to stand in line the day of. Also when going to the Louvre enter thru the underground entrance attached to the shopping center (if your back is to the McDonald’s then you are looking at the entrance) there is virtually no line and you can still see the other entrance for pictures when you are done seeing everything inside. If you have time to do Versailles it is definitely amazing and the only tour we booked (did everything else ourselves) which let us cut the line as tours have a separate entrance. My last recommendation is to purchase a Seine river cruise ahead of time online. The one we used didn’t make us choose a day/time so we could do it when it fit in. Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you want more info/details!

  3. I second Brenda recommending Rick steves. He also has a series of free podcast walking tours.
    I would also suggest disneyland paris if you have time
    And just the food – love the food!!

  4. I have a giant project kit of supplies out on a card table to scrap pictures from our last Disney World trip in 2016. We were out of town last week, so I need to get back in the crafting groove. I also got some new card-making supplies that I’m eager to play with soon for some spring birthday cards.

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