News & Happenings: ScanNCut edition

Hey everyone! As you know (since I disclose it every single post!) I’m a brand ambassador for the Brother ScanNCut. I get to do all kinds of fun stuff like make projects & videos for the ScanNCut website, projects for tradeshows and that you see on TV when they are on QVC – and more! All ideas & opinions here (and always) are my own – this is just such a great company and machine it truly is my pleasure to work with them. There is a LOT of new and exciting stuff going on right now so I wanted to pause from my usual project postings to share a few things!

#1: Disney files!

Disney files are here! I will be doing a week of projects with these new cut files next month to celebrate – there’s a lot of fun to be had with ScanNCut + Disney as you can imagine. I’m so excited to be able to finally talk about it! You can find local dealers here. Brother has embroidery files – I’m excited (and hope the collection grows!) to see cut files grow now!

Speaking of fun – last weekend in Sacramento I was at the Expo and saw… ScanNCut!

Not only was it available to purchase from a vendor, but in the crop area machines were set up and ready to rock for the croppers. Love seeing these machines out in the crafty world!

Oh but that isn’t the only spot I spied some fun out in the world this month…

At JoAnn fabric there is a whole end display featuring the DesignNCut – a new cutting machine from Brother. You can find more information on this new machine on their website here. The quick version in difference (vs ScanNCut) is – this machine does not scan, and it does not have a screen where you can edit and work within the machine. You work via your computer, tablet, etc.

I really liked that the display had a video so you could learn more about it and see it in action. Very nice! Even better? All the ScanNCut accessories that work on BOTH kinds of machine!

I love having local sources for supplies and so this made me really excited to see things like blades and mats available just down the road.

I’m back to filming videos & typing up tutorials for now (see the archives of past projects/videos by clicking projects for PDF files or videos) –  and I can’t wait to share some projects with the new Disney designs. Feels so good to finally be able to talk about those – and share what I’ve been making!

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  1. I’m quite new in the card making world and begin thinking about getting an electronic cutting machine. But I’m definitely lost in between all the models ! So it’s always nice to find some good opinion about one of them.

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