I should have done this long ago!

It takes time + some address labels, but I can already see it’s value.


I am color-marking each of my distress stains + ink pads. I have a lot- and use them a lot- so why have I never done this?

Off now to work on some more creative projects…

7 thoughts on “I should have done this long ago!”

  1. Hey, it’s the little thing that counts. I used to have all of my spices in a drawer standing up, with little labels on every lid so I didn’t have to pull them out to see what they were 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Cool! I just started doing this a few weeks ago with my spray mists (using little white dot stickers from the office supply store). I should go ahead and do all my inks, too…the Distress Ink stash is definitely growing!

  3. That’s handy to be able to grab exactly the color you want.
    I ordered your book from B&N last night. Can’t wait until it gets here.

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