Starbucks “Red Cup” Gift card holder

I had the most fun idea when I ended up with a plastic “red cup” from Starbucks… make a gift card holder and flower arrangement inside!

Here is a link to my video where I am working on this project. It really is simple you’ll just need some artificial flowers and greens, a gift card, a visual centerpiece (mine is the bear), and anything else you want to tuck inside. I start by using hot glue to adhere a few things to the edge of the cup.

As I go along I add more things often gluing to the other items inside the cup until it is full and lovely. Final touch?  A gift card! I picked a gift shaped one that is super cute and fun for this.

I am such a fan of projects that are simple, quick, fun, and useful this time of year! There is so much to do already – I’m always a big fan of mixing productivity with creative fun. Want more gift card ideas? Stay tuned! They’ll be coming next week…

Until then have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

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