Around here: June 2018

The good, the bad, and the awkward… from our first family concert to horrid fashion choices here’s what’s going on around these parts!

Would you be interested in an in deep review of fashion “box” services and how to find your best clothes/fits? I went on a SERIOUS JOURNEY the last few weeks involving tears, joy, and everything in between as I tried to figure out not only what to wear – but who could help me figure out the clothes to wear. I’m fashioned challenged- and happy to share if you’re interested. Above you see me wearing a MAJOR FAIL from the worst of the bunch. LOL – I’ve got a lot more where this comes from!

But onto the wins – I’ve been making jewelry! Here is a piece made for Elizabeth featuring her favorite – Jack Skellington.

I have a lot of posts and content coming to my more Disney/travel blog Adventureland Girls – stay tuned!

Below you can see Bandit in front of my jewelry supply area. I’ve been moving & reorganizing stuff here to try and streamline some things. I’ll be letting you know how that goes!

Speaking of streamlining – I cut off a lot of my hair for the summer. I go back and forth between long and not. It’s the time to be “not long” for now I guess!

and my wild face? That’s my joy face in finding a shirt (by Lucky brand) that fits in a way that is complimentary and isn’t hideously ugly. Why are clothes so hard? This is why I stick to Tshirts usually! But sometimes you need a top for going out…

like to a Taylor Swift concert!

This was our first concert as a family – and my first experience with a stadium concert (DANG!) as well as first concert since smart phones came along. To say it was awesome would be an under statement. So inspired by the amazing performance by Taylor Swift, as well as thinking about the intense logistics and tech that went into making it all happen.

Above you see us celebrating the end of track season with… Chinese food dinner! YUM! Grains & sugar are rare treats around here these days- nothing helps me keep the healthy weight/on track better than having a veggie-centric lifestyle! But now and then we plan and indulge a bit – this was a worthy one.

Looking ahead I’m SO EXCITED for Incredibles 2! I absolutely love the first one. Do you know which character is my favorite?

Edna Mode, all the way. “No Capes!” “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” I’m hoping to find some good new Edna inspired shirts or some such – love her so much!

Almost as much as I love dessert… here’s a photo of the s’mores ice box cake Jason and Rebecca made me. SO YUM! It had a chocolate almost cheesecake-like layer, a marshmallow whipped layer, a ganache layer… oh man. heaven!

But now it’s back to exercise! I’ve been taking Zumba gold class – I felt weird the first time being the youngest by 15 or so years… but it’s the absolute best and has been my Friday 8am ritual for 8 weeks now! Go me! It is all low impact and the instructor is so nice and welcoming. Love this class and can’t recommend it enough.

I’m also working on my new online class – LOVING how it’s coming along. You won’t want to miss this – and the price will only keep going up as more content is added… sign up/get info here.

Speaking of the journey… this just came in the mail! We will be journeying to the Mediterranean later this summer and I can not wait!

Well, actually I definitely CAN wait! I’ve got chores to do, blog posts to write, and assignments to turn in! So I’ll end this post here and wish you all the best for a happy June! What are you up to?

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  1. Yes, I would love an in depth look at the style boxes you have tried. I did stitch fix for about a year. I love, love their pants but found that some of the items were too pricey for me. I am now doing Get your pretty on. Have you heard about them? My favorite part is the facebook group that has ladies of all different shapes and sizes and ages showing off their clothes. in other news, maybe we will run into each other in the Mediterranean!

  2. Go you!

    That pink shirt is an epic fail. For anyone. It looks like someone thought it would be a good idea to create a shirt that looks like a bathrobe. On the other hand, the Lucky top is just right. I don’t know when clothes got so hard, but I’ve pretty much made tshirt-ish tops and jeans my wardrobe staples.

    Looking forward to catching up on Adventureland Girls.

  3. Ha! I love your sense of humor, May! Ive had epic fails for sure too- only tried Stitch Fix so far. Any others worth a look? Excited for your trip (and class) – perfect timing for me too! “Enjoy” the packing- try not to stress! And now I want to see Taylor Swift live too!!!! Channel my May in so many ways! All good!

  4. Yes, I’d love to see what you’ve gotten from clothing boxes. That pink shirt is hideous. It reminds me of a gown at the mammogram department.

  5. Yes please on the fashion box reviews … I’m very un-fashionable!
    I like the colour of that top on you but why did they put that silly belt/tie thing.
    Love that Jack Skellington necklace – you really are multi, multi talented!
    I love Bandit’s toy donut! So cute! My doggie has a toy doggie that she loves to play with.
    Love your hair length – that really really suits you. I like how you mix things up with your hair – mine’s been the same for many many years!!
    That top is very pretty too.
    And how cool to go and see TAylor Swift!! we haven’t ever been to a concert as a family – I think the last concert I went to was Michael buble over 10 years ago now!
    That Chinese food looks good – I love sweet n sour.
    I can’t wait for Incredibles too also – that movie has been sooooo long in the making – I was ready for it as soon as the first one was over! I don’t know if I have a favourite character. Maybe one will appear to me in the next one!
    Wow, you have a talented chef and chef daughter – that cake looks amazing!
    I want to go on a Disney cruise! Which ship?
    I really like these kinds of posts May!

  6. LOVE the new haircut. No interest in the boxes, because I’m old and fat and have zero fashion sense. But you guys have fun. LOL

  7. I lost 85 pounds and you would think that it would have made finding clothes easier. But, it became more of a night mare than before. And, I have trouble shopping. I was able to cut down some skirts for the winter (i wore two of them all winter, I finally found some turtlenecks that fit and by accident found some sweatshirts in pretty colors. they were all solid colors and i used scarves, jewelry, and other accesories to dress them up and down. I was ok for the winter. then spring came. My upper arms are so big I cant fit into many of the shirts i have tried on that fit the rest of my body. My sister came to visit and she took me in a wheelchair to a nice mall and we did all the stores. We both tried on at least 100 pieces of clothing. I came out of it with a bunch of tank tops, a few skirts, a summer blazer and just a few other tops. Then i started ordering things online. It was another nightmare, I had piles of clothes to try on. not many things fit. when i found something, I ordered a few more and in all the colors that they had. then I had to pack up the things that didn’t work and send them back. I do have a wardrobe (sort of ) for the summer. Also, a bunch of my hair fell out, so my hair do is also kind of weird. I”m trying to still feel good about myself. I feel your pain. my sister just gained some weight and she is having the same trouble. We used to love to shop for clothes. Not anymore. I am trying to just be grateful for all of my blessings and really get into cardmaking and photography. again. I think its amazing how much stress this whole clothes issue has caused us. I hope you find many clothes that you love. I do love your new top. take good care of it. (i never dry any of my clothes in the dryer so they last 3 times as long. I hang them up to dry) Lol. It is better to laugh than to cry. hang in there. hugs, treen

  8. Love the new do=looks great on you. I too am a t-shirt person so I would love to see more about the clothes spree.Also looking forward to Incredibles 2-going to be the high spot of my summer. Hope all of you have an extra special happy summer.

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