Boho Embroidery: Book Review

I am all about exploring new creative outlets, and recently I’ve been dabbling in bringing more stitching both onto my paper crafting projects – and off! As I explore some new creative ideas I came across a book, and I liked it so much I had to share with you!

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Crafternoon: Embroidery Hoops

DSC_5876 copy

This Hazel & Ruby “Crafternoon” kit was the one that had me running down to JoAnn’s to find the line. I was so very excited to learn (FINALLY!) proper use of an embroidery hoop! This is such a fun craft, and I definitely learned a lot. Ok so a few things to tell you:

  1. It took me 5 hours to create the two hoops
  2. All I needed was an iron, black pen, and scissors
  3. I ran out of two different thread colors – I think this was a glitch with my kit as all others had plenty


Ok so I watched the video first which was great (except two issues – more on that later) and that really helped show me what to do. Ironing on and cutting out the shapes was easier than I anticipated, and I got into the drawing words right away. Of course, me being me I couldn’t just leave the design alone I had to change the sayings!


Drawing on with black pen was no problem! You can see (below) I definitely made these my own. Now I had to use a lot of my own pink thread (ran out) – but that’s ok. There was more than enough of most colors and I liked that it was easy to substitute. I goofed and mis-cut my blue polka dot which is why you see my own stripe-y fabric on the smaller hoop.

Now on the video there were two things that didn’t work. First, there was no explaining of the tassels. I assume I’m meant to loop thread around towards the top… that’s what I did. The other thing was the French Knot instructions didn’t work. I was at the end of my rope and YouTube searched it – figured out that NO, I don’t want to put it back into the same hole, rather put needle back into hole next to original. Also I want to have needle facing away from surface when twisting.

That won’t make sense unless you’re doing the project – but if you are that may help you a lot.

DSC_5884 copy

I really loved this kit a ton, it’s so well done and the projects were really fun to sit and relax and make. The designer did a fabulous job, and overall I left feeling like I’d picked up new tips, ideas, and the ability to strike out on my own with this crazy fun (though a bit on the tedious side) craft. Do I recommend it? HECK YES! It’s really a great price for all that you get, and my minor issue aside, something I had a whole lot of fun with.

I’ve got one more kit here – watch for that coming here in about a week…

Have you tried to crafternoon a day away? Which kit? I’m just so loving these!