Boho Embroidery: Book Review

I am all about exploring new creative outlets, and recently I’ve been dabbling in bringing more stitching both onto my paper crafting projects – and off! As I explore some new creative ideas I came across a book, and I liked it so much I had to share with you!

What I am loving about this book is that she goes into great detail about stitches, supplies, and other details that are a must for beginners like myself. I also love that her style is so crazy and funky! It really helps me visualize more possibilities and mixing things up for future.

There are several step-by-step tutorials and photos. So far, I’ve mostly been practicing a few stitches. Once I get those mastered I will continue in my learning. For now – less is more!

This book is available now – including amazon. I have it on my Craft with May list there – you can find it here. There is also a second (pattern book)  available.

The way the book is broken down is incredibly user friendly and made me feel invited rather than intimidated by all of the potential and possibilities. I will mention while this book largely shows hoop projects – it doesn’t have to be! I’ve already applied some stitching to cards and layouts as I learn to navigate these new waters. I’m finding hand stitching so satisfying and relaxing – especially in winter!

If you’ve got a new craft you’ve been especially into please do share! As one who likes to mix and match her crafty fun, I always love hearing about it!

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  1. Thanks for the review May … I’m big into cross-stitch right now! nOt really a new craft. for me, but something I go through phases with

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