Holiday crafting: Gift bag featuring Spellbinders Posies dies

Last week I reviewed & shared my thoughts on the Spellbinder Platinum 6 machine. Short version? LOVE IT! (To read the full post, check it out here). I made way more flowers than I needed and I mentioned this is something I like to do with white paper especially so I’ve got extras to work with. Today I’ve got a fun holiday project and twist to share!
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Remain calm: the holiday season is here

Don’t panic – but the holidays are coming right up.

I’ve known this for a while – I do look ahead at the calendar. But this year my plans are small scale (not much shipping, simple decorating, etc) and the first 1/2 of November is insane for me (work wise), so I’ve intentionally planned to not make the lists just yet. This week I’ve got some posts for simple projects and ideas for getting prepared for the upcoming season.

This year step 1: Eyes open while at the stores. What I mean is – if you see the perfect present, if you find just the right something… get it. Don’t wait or expect to remember!
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Top 5 supplies: Stamps for the holidays edition


When it comes to holiday crafting I am one for using what you have. Thanksgiving is next week and man, it’s the season whether we like it or not!  Today I want to share 5 of my currently most beloved AND used stamps. I’m not someone who is once and done with her stamps. No way! Mine get used. and used some more. and then more for good measure. Note that links used are affiliate links there is no extra cost or anything – and no obligation to click of course- but if you happen to use them it does help support the site. I’m linking to today – one of my favorite sites to order from as the team ships super quick and has a wide selection of stamps & mediums in stock. You’ll be hearing me support small business a lot always – stay tuned for some other top 5 posts coming with favorite artisans and such. Oh but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Let’s talk holiday stamps.


  1. Elf stamp set (Ellen Hutson exclusive set) not only taps into my love of the movie Elf, but is just a lot of fun to play with!
  2. Lawn Fawn Unicorn set is everything my inner child ever wanted. Budget friendly, cute, and so much fun to combine with sequins, buttons, and dimensional elements!
  3. This sentiment set by Hero Arts & Kelly Purkey is just what I needed! Brand new and already so in love. I can’t say enough good things about sentiment stamps that are wood mounted. My favorite.
  4. At just $6, this Wplus9 holiday hugs stamp is just what I need this year. I used this a lot last year, and I’ll be bringing it back for more!
  5. Avery Elle hits the sweet spot with this Merry Christmas stamp. There are 2 ways to word the sentiment and of course optional gifts to color – I like that for a small set there are a lot of options.

And finally, honorable mention to this Tim Holtz trees + sentiments set. I don’t have this set yet – but I think I need it with all those lovely trees plus fantastic and useful sentiments.

How about you? What are your favorite stamps? Any you just can’t do holiday crafting without?

I’ll be sharing my guide to holiday card making, ideas for gift giving, and so much more over the next few weeks – so please do stay tuned!

Using up the scraps to make merry


I make it a habit to do two things here in the studio: use up scraps as I create them, and to avoid cleaning up unless necessary. Obviously using scraps as I create them helps with this, and so today I’m going to share how I “cleaned up” a few things and with the help of my ScanNCut2 was able to create some gift wrap and take part in the deer trend this holiday as well. Can anyone say multitasking? That’s me!

DSC_1429 copy

Ah but before we go any further as always I disclose that I do work with Brother, and that they did provide me with my ScanNCut machine. Opinion expressed by paid consultant. I will also disclose that affiliate links are used in this post. You guys know by now I only do what works for me, and always share what I love & create here anyhow. But I’m all for transparency and disclosing as requested so there you go. Let’s get back to the creating!

Above are the finished gifts under the tree, both created by using 1 piece of clip art I got off the internet. This is where the ScanNCut really shines for me – you see I printed off a deer (stag?) silhouette clip art that I came across long ago. When I was ready to create with it I just took that piece of paper and scanned it into my ScanNCut and saved the file.


I saved the image to the machine which means I’ll never have to scan it again – it’s in the machine ready to use! For my first gift I printed it out on gold dotted vellum and attached to my package along with ribbon, leaves, buttons, and a few sequins. The ScanNCut makes this so easy – and I could easily mass produce deer like crazy for a real wow factor in my wrapping.

DSC_1356 copy

I just adore how this one turned out, and yes that’s a gold glitter glue “R” for miss Rebecca. (Inside is the new Frozen Lego that she doesn’t even know exists… so exciting!) Wrapping in kraft or other plain paper is my #1 favorite because what I do is create a stack of gifts with sticky notes on them as to who it’s for here in the studio. Then when I’ve got 5 minutes or need to “clear the desk” I pull out some ribbon or bits that I want to use up and wrap one or two or even three gifts quickly – but with special touches.

Speaking of – I also LOVE using the ScanNCut to create custom gift tags to use! I’m going to use that same deer file that I’ve saved, but now I’ll stick it inside of a tag:


To do this I first created a tag (about 4″ high), then I added the deer image and scaled it WAY down, moving inside of the tag so that it has a bit of border around it. Note that I off-centered it so that I’ll have room for “to/from” on the front. I cut this from a scrap of white cardstock – again with the using up scraps! love that – and off we go!


I used a scrap of gold foil material to back my tag, and the tag itself was inked with a gold script stamp and then I used green ink to color it a bit and help my golden deer (buck? stag? you know what I mean) really stand out.

But wait, there’s more! You see I had some red and vellum flowers, as well as some green leaves on the desk left over from a previous project. So I paired these with my tag and a gold doily as well as some green ric-rac for my package. I have YARDS of this green ric-rac so I’m glad to use it as package trim!


These are just two examples of fun creating that I’m able to squeeze in during this very busy time of year. Combining some creative play with productive gift wrapping makes me feel so good! Even better? I didn’t have to buy anything new to partake in the trend (deer/silhouettes) thanks to my ScanNCut. I love that I was able to be on trend without buying new.

Now, I do have a white cardstock silhouette cut out (left over from the tag)… but don’t fret! It has already made its way into my December album and you’ll see how it was used next week.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and are making things merry (and crafty!) this holiday season in your own ways.

Wanting a ScanNCut2 of your own? Here’s a link to the 350 (aka ScanNCut2) comes with Rhinestone kit as well.

December album: checking in

I’m not caught up. In fact I’m probably behind. That’s ok!

Let me tell you I am LOVING the new to me company “Photo Play” has a great holiday collection out! Their stickers + patterns are working great so far. If you’re looking for it (affiliate link) – has it.


I am totally embracing imperfect photos. Skipping days. Just having fun and working in batches as time allows. DSC_0845

Oh yes, and making sure to get in a few photos.


I did create a short video checking in and sharing some ideas and tips! Here is the link to my YouTube.


I am not “caught up”, but I am keeping it simple and adding details and notes as my crazy life and schedule allow. It’s fun, and the Elle’s Studio products I used as a base have been serving me well!