Quick & Easy sweet holiday treats

DSC_0261 copy
Do not panic! Whether for school teachers or friends, co-workers or kids if you’ve still got some little gifts to give I’ve got you covered! Just grab some clear bags (I get mine from the cake/candy isle at craft store), whatever ribbon, twine, or string you’ve got, and bag up a few candies! These work out to be around $1/each. I used Pink Fresh Studio Stamps (affiliate link to scrapbook.com – if you’d like to check them out) for my stamping. You could also print off on your computer a design!

For some people, a gift card to Starbucks was going to be given… but how to dress it up a bit?
DSC_0254 copy
Simple! I gave it the same treatment as my candy bags! Love that you can see it, but it is also made festive.
DSC_0266 copy
A side note – Starbucks has OUTSTANDING designs this year! One person on my list is getting a box of espresso caramels (from Sugarfina – an amazing candy boutique) with their coffee card. Just a bit of tinsel/twine and off it goes!
DSC_0270 copy

Keeping the gifting simple and easy to ship as well as fun doesn’t take that much time – and what a difference in appearance! How do you like to dress up little gifts? Do share!

Very Hero Arts holidays!


Thank you to my friends at A Blog Named Hero for inviting me to play! Here’s a link to the blog post. I had a lot of fun playing with an assortment of Hero Arts faves, and “fa la la” I’ve got some packages all wrapped up and another card ready to mail!

DSC_9735 copy

For the full video tutorial you can visit the blog post, and it’s up on my YouTube channel as well.

DSC_9759 copy

I always love Hero Arts stamps – and most especially at the holiday season! I hope you enjoy the video & tutorial for these two projects.

Hazel & Ruby Crafternoon banner

DSC_9903 copy
Hazel & Ruby sent me some of their Crafternoon holiday kits to try out – and this is a favorite! It took about an hour start to finish including my stitching, and I just love it.
DSC_9906 copy
Here’s a link to my YouTube video if you’d like to see a bit more about the process.

Love that gold sparkle! Oh yes, and special to thanks to my helpers (one refused to be photographed – haha) for holding up the banner for blog photography.
DSC_9925 copy
Tip: Stay tuned! I’ve got a fabulous Crafternoon give-away coming soon!!!

Holiday Memory Keeping made easy

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When it comes to scrapbooking I am usually a traditionalist. Ah, but come January I never feel like sitting down to scrapbook the holidays. I also don’t usually feel like making a bunch of big layouts nor do I recall the tiny details. A few years back I made a December memories book – it took 3 years to fill it. Then two years ago I made a mini-book style one that I was able to keep up on. What I found was that it really uplifted my mood as it was a rough year and making myself tell the stories and look for the positives? Very therapeutic.

IMG_0367 copy

There are a few things you need to know:

  1. I am doing a “holiday season” book beginning around 11/21, as that’s when the season begins for me.
  2. I refuse to be tied into a daily or certain # of pages. It’s memory keeping as there are memories to keep special to the holiday season.
  3. You’ve got to be realistic about how much time and when you will do this.
  4. I believe strongly in having fun with it, and not making it an obligation or stressful “one more thing”

IMG_0366 copy

Finally, and most importantly, I believe strongly in documenting vacations and special times. They’re NEVER the same twice, and as time goes on and you want details about “the year that… happened” it’ll be hard to recall. I believe taking a bit of time to stop and reflect upon the blessings and good things as well as pausing to ask yourself what you can be doing that would add magic to the season can help your overall spirit and mood.

IMG_0362 copy

From baking to decorating. Shopping to spending an afternoon with a friend. A quiet evening with the dogs to the movie you’re dying to see – it’s all here in my little book. Even if you’re not normally a scrapbooker this can be a really great project to take on. I’ve created this introduction video and will be checking in throughout the month.

Link to YouTube

At the time that I’m typing this I have done two 90-minute in my bed while watching TV and winding down for bed sessions. I would like to believe I’m going to get faster as I go along and sort out my style and flow for this project. We’ll see! Not pre-creating the pages does slow things down but at the same time I don’t know what I want where or when I’ll do a lot of things. So that’s ok.

IMG_0361 copy

Got questions or requests? Ask away! Let me know and I will be happy to cover them and/or help you out. Are you taking on such a project? Big or small, fancy or simple, I love documenting what is unique about the holidays each year.

Want to find some of the supplies I used? Here are some, and note that affiliate links are used when available. If you shop and use those – it helps support this blog so I appreciate it! (but no pressure or need!) You can TOTALLY work with what you do have!

Snap/Simple Stories album (Scrapbook.com) and refills

Elle’s Studio “Joyful” collection (direct, or available at shops)

IMG_0359 copy

These will be the base/basics for my project, as I share specific pages and progress, I will be sure to update you with products. Honestly? ANYTHING will work – any album or size, making it  a major project or a quick and simple one. Do what works for you! I’ll be back this weekend to update you on my progress.

Winter Watercolor Card with ScanNCut2

This time of year? CRAZY busy. But don’t fear! I myself am weeks behind schedule *and* full of quick creative ideas to share. So it benefits you because I will be sharing each and every one of these ideas right here with you! From homemade holiday cards to gifts to a memory keeping project – I’ve got you covered. So sit back, and stay tuned! Today I’ve got a video for you featuring my ScanNCut 2 and some watercolor fun.

Disclosure, as always that Brother provided me my ScanNCut machine to use and review, but that all ideas and opinions here on my blog are my own. Ready to see this card come to life? Here’s my  link to YouTube video.

I adore how this one turned out! From the splattery background to the ease of having the ScanNCut do the cutting for me – love this card. Looking for a ScanNCut of your own? Independent retailers that carry Brother products will have the model I use (650), otherwise online shops (affiliate links) such as Amazon or Scrapbook.com have the more familiar aka “seen on HSN” 350 model.
DSC_9826 copy

With this simple but beautiful card design done, and several created to send I’m a few more projects closer to Christmas preparedness. My ScanNCut is sure to help me along the way – and I’ll be back to show you some home decorating going on, as well as gift wrap and much more!