Custom Vinyl on Ornament with ScanNCutDX

When it comes to the holidays- I’m one who likes to get a jump start on it and make things early so that as Christmas approaches I can relax and enjoy the season more. Today I’ve got a quick and fun tutorial to share with you featuring the ScanNCutDX and one of my favorite new built in designs.

I absolutely love craft vinyl on clear inexpensive ornaments that you can pick up at most any craft store!

Disclaimer as usual – I am a paid consultant for Brother aka brand ambassador of the ScanNCut. It’s a machine I use and adore! All ideas & opinions shared are always my own!

To create a project like mine begin with a clear glass ornament and fill it. I chose a mix of sequins, buttons, and beads but you can do anything! Tinsel, tiny candies, glitter – if it fits, go for it!

Once the ornament is filled and closed, it’s decorating time! I used a craft vinyl for this, making a lovely sticker to decorate this ornament for a crafty friend. The how-to can be found below, or on my YouTube video of the process.

To create a vinyl sticker like this:

  1. Turn on the ScanNCutDX, and select the word (or image) file that you would like. In this instance, I’ve chosen the “Believe” built in file.
  2. Re-size as needed. My ornament measured 3″ across, so I made my file slightly smaller than that to ensure it would not wrap around to the back.
  3. Select cut, then in the options select “half cut on”. This tells the machine you’re working with vinyl or other such material, and that you do not wish to cut through the backing sheet.
  4. Once cut, cut closely around your file and then weed (remove) all vinyl pieces you do not wish to use.
  5. Transfer to transfer material, then place onto ornament. This ensures a smooth and even application of a tiny intricate design such as this. If creating a very basic or sturdy shape I sometimes skip the transfer material part.
  6. Enjoy! Finish up with any topper you wish – if any at all – and hang or gift away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple fun project – they’re great for gifts or gift toppers! 01

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  1. Oh I love (his-buttons & vinyl are perfect. Hope my old school Scan-n-cut will cut vinyl..I have a Halloween tree (of course) and my mind is racing with creativity for next year.

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