Crafty YouTube hop & personal favorites

Hey guys! Quick post and a heads up that over 100 prizes, and nearly as many videos are now up on YouTube as a part of a fun (mostly card making) video hop! You can find all the info and what you need to do to enter for chances to win here. I did a quick video about using my manila tag experiments to create cards. You can find that right here. There are five sections of videos that are all listed on that main hop page I linked to before – and today I wanted to share a few faves as well:

Double Embossing with Jenny Colacicco really caught my attention with ideas for embossing both dry and powder!

Teresa Morgan shares an awesome star with shadow technique that I’m loving and want to try!

Sunshine in my Pocket is embossing on wood – a fun idea and project!

Mary Polanco is editing a sentiment (and has my fave – Wonder Woman!) on her card video.

Sandy Allnock has some snowy mittens that have me inspired to get those Copic markers back out!

Magenta Butterfly Crafts is rocking a batch of distress oxide + floral cards that has me inspired to make a batch of holiday cards!

Hedgehog Hollow has me inspired to dig out some embossing powders and create more layers! Loving the technique and reminder to sprinkle + heat from below.

Sharon Curtis has intrigued me with her woodgrain coloring and wreath card! I’m going to see if I can use my woodgrain cardstock for a similar look.

Creativity is such a wonderful thing to share, and I hope you enjoy some of the videos (if not all!) shared this week by so many creatives. Have a great week!

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  1. I’m part way through the hop and haven’t come to your video yet!! it’s a really good one isn’t it!

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