Scrapbooking sports: approaches & tips

“How do you handle scrapbooking kid activities/sports?”

This is a question I get a lot, and honestly it’s pretty simple. I look at the event/season/situation and decide the approach that makes the most sense for me and the stories to be told. The most important things to remember are that you don’t have to use sports themed anything, and you don’t have to use a lot of photos if you do not want to.

Here you’re seeing a layout about Elizabeth’s track season. Since every race is, well, basically the same in photos I decided to just print two good pictures and go with that. A few more ways you can approach sports or activities that are ongoing include:

  • dedicated album to activity/sport
  • print collage for page(s) or print a digi book filled with pics
  • Tell it in chunks/block out page
  • Just pick 1 photo (or two) to represent the season, focus on telling the story

Or a combination – truly you should know that you can approach this MANY ways, and there isn’t a wrong answer. Want to see more? Check out my YouTube video. In the video I sketch some more options as well as setting this scrapbook layout up.

Elizabeth has struggled with growing pains and such (the girl is already five foot eight at just thirteen years old!!) but really impressed us as well as her team and coaches with her performance in the relay. It really is a joy to see her getting into her own interests including running (she did NOT get that from me!) so I had fun adding a page into the 2018 album featuring one of her races.

Some tips on products to remember:

  • Don’t use themed stuff unless it works for YOU! Don’t fall in the “but I have to have —-” trap
  • Look for things that set the mood
  • Don’t have a title idea? throw down a bunch of words!
  • When all else fails, keep it simple and focus on the story

This really applies to all scrapbooking and memory keeping!

I really had fun with bright colors and arrows to indicate direction vs “sports” products. Remember when it comes to memory keeping – my only rule is to enjoy the process! I hope I’ve inspired you to scrapbook something today – what have you documented lately? Do share.

3 thoughts on “Scrapbooking sports: approaches & tips”

  1. The layout has so much movement and action, perfect for the running photos. Love the tip about using words instead of a title like “Track 2018” – so much more fun!

  2. This page is so fun May. The papers and elements you used are all perfect for an action page.

  3. Beautiful! I love that your daughter runs. Mine plays volleyball. Great layout, and I appreciate the tips. Michelle t

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