ScanNCut: Summer Creative Favorites

It’s almost halfway through our summer break… how did that happen so quickly?! As you know (since I am always super upfront about it!) I do work with Brother primarily as a brand ambassador for the ScanNCut. I LOVE this machine, and I am happy to share my own opinions and ideas about it with you regularly!

Well I was feeling (if only for a moment!) in a crafty rut and trying to figure out what to make next… and so I wanted to share with you where I go and what I do when I am in need of creative inspiration. Today’s edition will be ScanNCut specific – but I bet ScanNCut or not you’ll be inspired!

Place #1: My own archives. Here on my website under ScanNCut you can see EVERY blog post and project I’ve ever done from my vinyl pencil cups to my succulent planter projects. Just check out the ScanNCut category! You can also check out my YouTube ScanNCut playlist – there are over 100 videos there!

I find looking back at my own projects – here at home or online – really inspires me! I might find a stamp I haven’t used in a long time, or perhaps I will think of a new variation of a project that I hadn’t considered before.

Not feeling it yet? No worries! My next trick is to pull out scraps and get them used up! I will scan & cut stamps, cut basic shapes for future use… NO project pressure! Just using up scraps. Sometimes this inspires a new project, and sometimes it just cleans my desk and preps for another day!

What if I’m still needing ideas? I turn to the Brother Crafts library!

Here are a few of my current “wanna make” ideas topping my list:

  • Disney + vinyl on a scrapbook album cover
  • Felt pieced design + stitching (hard to explain – you’ll see!)
  • Rhinestone accented table runner
  • Intricate background for scrapbook layout with lot of cuts/design elements
  • Custom vinyl for my scrapbooking tote being used to document our Europe trip

That’s where I am at this summer- you know a few of those ideas will wait for school to start back up (time seems so fleeting in summer!) but I’ve got a list now, and I’m feeling super inspired! I would love to hear from you what kinds of projects you’re working on and what you’re inspired to create. Let me know!

Until next time – happy crafting!

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