Around here: July 2018

I’m trying to come to terms that because of my schedule this summer, I need to think about back to school… right now. It’s already JULY – the time is truly flying. I’m building a page of favorites on Amazon – you can check it out here. (affilate link used) I had SO much luck with some recent crafty stuff as well as travel stuff- wanted to share!

The Flaum family just returned from an epic 3 country European adventure that was all kinds of amazing. We had so much fun, experienced so many new things, and ate so many AMAZING FOODS!

I just finished ordering prints for my scrapbook – YAY! If you want to see ALL the Europe photos, stories, and adventures… well I’ll be scrapbooking this entire trip in my new class (link) – so join the fun!  I will also be posting a page FULL of our favorite places and such soon – watch for that link in my next around here post. What we’re all still talking about from the trip… honestly the food.

From daily gelato to bread and cured meats and amazing restaurants… oh Europe, (especially you, Paris) we LOVE YOU! Our trip took us from Disneyland Paris (great place to adjust & deal with jet lag!) to Paris to Barcelona to a cruise… and finally Rome. We saw so much – looking at the photos is unreal!

I am so glad that we had this opportunity and managed so many special things from climbing the tower of Pisa to a fancy french dinner… inspired by Disney movies!

The #1 thing that is in my mind? The ART. I’m not just talking about the paintings in museums either. From the artisan food shops to the architecture to the artful care of our hotel hosts… it was all around us. It really reminded me that I like to take the time to add the art, the craft, whatever word you want to use into the things that I do.  Favorite painting? The room of Monet water lillies. I’ve wanted to see that for so long!

So what’s up next and new around here? We saw the Incredibles (LOVED!), I’ve been watching Queer Eye (serious love for helping others find their truths/best selves!) and as I said at the start – I’m thinking about fall and school! I’ve got a work trip for Brother coming around the corner so now is definitely the time for me to get ahead and back to work!

Speaking of Brother – they’re giving away 6 ScanNCut machines! Check it out here. 

On the board for cool weather crafting (a girl can dream) is blanket cape/dresses. What am I talking about? Elizabeth and I are obsessed with THIS YouTube video and want to recreate it. Ha! Of course right now it’s far too hot to think of such things. So we’ll put that on the long term project list…

How has your summer been going? What are you up to? Do share!

3 thoughts on “Around here: July 2018”

  1. Oh wow, I love your page of faves on Amazon!! Got any good books to recommend! I loved Zoe archer that I heard about because of you!
    Oh yes, the food in Europe – you probably picked the 3 best food countries.! Nothing like real Italian gelato
    And the buildings in Europe, especially Paris, are just amazing
    Loving your pics
    And Incredibles doesn’t start here for another 2 weeks so I’m impatiently waiting!
    We are hoping to get a few days away at the beach next week … fingers crossed!

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