ScanNCut Vinyl: Never have boring documents again!

A few months back I shared my “Taxes” artwork that I created and added vinyl to my tax document storage. Take something dull, make it fun! Well NOT wanting to lose any very important documents for our upcoming trip from airline confirmations to trip insurance information I decided to once again use my handwriting to create a fun project.

The hardest part? Deciding what to sketch! I went with a plain version after a few doodle versions seemed too cluttered. I absolutely LOVE the results too! If you’d like to watch the how-to video you can find it on YouTube here. A few tips I have to share regarding designing your own vinyl or other scanable designs:

  • Make your lines a bit thicker than you think you’ll need. So often I end up adjusting this!
  • Simple is always best! You can always add additional designs or products, but it’s harder to simplify at a later time.
  • Watch those wavy lines. For example on one project my “Tax” looks like “Tay” to some… now I know what it says but double check those wavy words!
  • Draw in thin pen first, then thicken up your designs
  • Don’t forget you can shrink or enlarge your original!
  • Have fun!

Above all this really should be a good time – enjoy the craft process! Oh yes, and always dress up and customize “boring” stuff- makes life more fun not to mention personalized.

The usual disclaimer: I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions are my own. The ScanNCut is a machine I love to use! 

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