Scrapbooking the Journey: Class begins!

If you haven’t already signed up for my all new online class – now would be a great time to do so! In about two weeks the “phase 2” part of class begins and the fun really kicks into gear! I am going to be going live – meaning that you’re going to come along with me as I scrapbook a big vacation. I’ll be sharing everything from organization to ordering pics to setting up a plan of attack… and executing it as well!

Above you can see the corner of my studio – the top shelf of that blue Raskog unit has been designated the “big vacation album” shelf. Papers, ephemera – anything specific to this class & album? It goes there! Keeping a bit of space dedicated should help me when I come in to work finding the things that I want to utilize specifically on this project.

Things I set aside:

  • ephemera
  • specifically purchased items
  • items I have a key idea for
  • themed items that I don’t want to forget I have

In other words – things I won’t be looking for when I make birthday cards or random scrapbook pages. Specific to the trip/scrapbook album only.

Things I won’t put in here include:

  • solid color cardstock
  • “general” or basic type items such as plain buttons, tags, cards
  • alphabet stickers or general stamps
  • tools (scissors, stapler, etc)

In other words – the things that I would want during times I’m crafting other things. Because this album (or albums – we’ll see!) will be created over many months I don’t want to hold too many things out for it. I also don’t want to be overwhelmed by the volume of product held aside! That could really slow me down.

Ah but this is just the beginning! I have so much more to share with you – so I hope you’ll join me in class! 

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