True Story: Join in now!

Class just began – I don’t want you to miss out!! Below is a bit of info (and a few photos/sneaks!!) from class. True Story is – well it’s a truly wonderful class I am so very proud of. ADORE the 9 guest instructors. Finding JOY in sharing so much with all of you. Here’s a peek & info… 

I took almost a year off from scrapbooking or memory keeping and it at first wasn’t by choice but rather by necessity (no right hand use!). Then I got so badly blocked mentally, and then so overwhelmed by the backlog that I just didn’t have any clue where to pick things back up or what was even a good fit anymore! Now (about a year since I started trying…) I’m so happy with the story telling place I’m at and I decided this is the PERFECT time to bring in a new class focused on the stories.

In the last year I’ve discovered some new things as well as rediscovering old knowledge and treasure. Here are some things I consider fact in my studio:

  1. Telling all the stories isn’t possible. So if I simply remove the pressure of quantity, and instead focus on details and things that bring me joy? I’m good.
  2. I love travel stories, and I’ll always prioritize telling mine. Big or small – a new to me local hike or epic vacation.
  3. Having things organized when I sit down to tell a story helps tremendously (more on this in class…)
  4. Regular writing (typing, blogging, social media posting, notebook brainstorming – any form!) helps me pull up stories more easily.
  5. There is no rule as to what stories I tell in any given format, nor is there a rule that certain stories must be told at all.
  6. There is no rule about how many formats you utilize!

Having notebooks full of writing, albums full of photos & words, and any other format of stories big and small is a treasure to me. I focus on what I am doing, and what I can do to tell bits of my life regularly vs worry about what I haven’t done.

I also have really found joy in keeping things organized – something I never really did with stories & photos until the last few years. The best part? I’m not at the finish line. I never will be. I’m just sharing stories, improving my process, and having FUN all along the journey.

My new class True Story is all about… stories! From styles of memory keeping and scrapbooking to types of writing and documenting, and everything in between I’m compiling all my best tips, tricks, thoughts, and inspiration in one full class. I’ve even got nine amazing guest instructors sharing ideas! You can find all the information and register here.