Past favorite: Project Hawaii

As I move into the new studio and develop new ideas I’ve been revisiting past favorites. Here is one such favorite that I wanted to share from my “project Hawaii” series. If you want help with photo projects I’d suggest signing up for one of my online classes of course *wink* but this should inspire you too! I always strive to bring you ideas right here. I hope that you enjoy this old favorite…


Have you ever started with a photo project and stalled out? This is what happened to me with our Hawaii trip and man, I wanted that album DONE. My solution? I did a project life inspired mash-up. This is my personal favorite of the bunch all focused on the luau we went to. 


The thing about ephemera, is you need to use it or dump it. What I mean is, I believe having a TON of it just sitting around does nothing but clog up and slow down your process. Be selective, keep really special pieces, and also know how you scrapbook. What I mean is, know what items will more likely get used than others. I keep the important stuff sure, but I also keep stuff that is pretty!

Oh, and never be afraid to chop some stuff up!! You can punch, chop, and otherwise just treat it like regular “craft” stuff. Seriously people just make things too darn hard sometimes. Don’t try to think “oh geez I have NO idea how I’d use a ticket on a layout!” and instead think “well, what could I do with this little stub of paper?” Get more general, get more done!

So this layout is all about the Luau we went to. I also have a big fold-out brochure on amazingly beautiful thick watercolor paper – I can’t cut it up. So, it’ll go in a pocket on the memorabilia “other” page. (more on that another week).
The last thing I will leave you with this week, is to remember that you will get life details on these real items like nothing else. Seriously – I would NOT have remembered the exact date or seats we had… but I don’t have to. The ephemera is helping me tell my story…

To hear the episode of PCRT you can check it out here.

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  1. I love, love, love your Project Hawaii pages …. they could be a class all on their own (hint, hint!)

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