Watercolor Gift Card (cards) featuring ScanNCut

Once in a while I hit on an idea that is absolutely perfect – and turns out exactly or better than I had imagined. This is one such time! My inspiration was simple: I wanted to make some gift card “cards” for some Jr High teachers I’ll be seeing this week at conferences. After looking around at my supplies I decided that a bird stamp set + my ScanNCut would be just the thing.

usual disclaimer – I’m a paid consultant for Brother and a Brand Ambassador for the ScanNCut. All ideas, opinions, and everything else here on my blog always has and always will be my own. I love this machine and all it adds to my creative life! 

So, where to start?

  • Stamp up a big piece of watercolor paper
  • Cut out the scalloped pockets
  • Use waterproof pen to touch up the birds and fill gaps in design then cut them out
  • Quickly color then blend with water, repeating as needed
  • Assemble and enjoy!

I had such fun with this project and oh I love the colors and color coordinated birds too! Here is the YouTube video I created to show the process.

The scanning function is so helpful with this machine – in so many ways from positioning your cut (like my scallop pieces) to cutting out stamps!

The cards I made are traditional 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches folded – you could make any size! I am thinking a version of this round for Christmas (think ornaments) would be tons of fun!

I’m off to write notes for these. I can hardly believe it is parent teacher conference week already! Feeling very pleased that Elizabeth is loving Jr High so much and really excelling as well. Can’t wait to thank her wonderful teachers and spread some happy notes later this week.

6 thoughts on “Watercolor Gift Card (cards) featuring ScanNCut”

  1. Those are so sweet! I love the things you do with bird stamps and I’m sure the teachers will be delighted.

  2. What a lovely idea!!! I bet Elizabeth’s teachers will love them. So glad she’s enjoying Junior High. It’s such a big transition. I really like how you colour coordinated your birds with your flowers!!

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