Mid-week peek…


  • You can see my new floor
  • Yes, yes miss Scrappy is the cutest.
  • the drawers/dresser blue wood with FULLY REMOVABLE drawers thing? each drawer is about 6x6x10 making it PERFECT for so many things! Very excited I wandered into Home Goods looking for some retail therapy.
  • I folded every single piece of fabric the same size <insert eye crossing emoji here>
  • I crafted for the first time in here today
  • I’m so glad all this work is being done – it is WORTH IT!
  • Many new projects, an exciting free class, and announcing of Camp Scrap coming soon! You wanna be on my newsletter list (once a month mailing at max)…

11 thoughts on “Mid-week peek…”

  1. Scrappy’s bed even color coordinated to the dresser! She loves the camera, doesn’t she? Congratulations on this major overhaul!

  2. Was just thinking about Camp Scrap yesterday! Yay! The floor is really nice. Glad you got in some crafty time, must have felt so good. Looking forward to seeing your stuff. Michelle t. Oh, Scrappy, adorable! Michelle t

  3. It looks really nice, the teeny corner we can see. 🙂 High five on getting all the fabric stored so nicely — that must have been a lot of work. I think Miss Scrappy thinks she is the star of this blog post.

  4. Ooooooooooooooooh!
    Sweet puppers.
    Room looks fabulous from the snippet so far.
    Mine is coming together, slowly but surely. Your decision to wait to bring items in was a good one.

  5. I love all of your fabric!! I can’t wait to hear about Camp Scrap! I was just looking at last year’s classes the other day!

  6. If we get emails about updates to your blog, is that the same as being on your newsletter list? I am actually on the blog notification twice because I get two emails every time you post. I guess I signed up twice. At least I don’t miss any blog posts!
    If the rest of your room looks as colorful and pretty as this corner, you will have many happy hours there.

  7. Love what I can see so far! Scrappy is too cute! And the colours of the walls and drawer unit are beautiful. The floor looks fantastic too! And the fabric … drooling!!

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