Celebrate: a birthday card

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Last week I posted the tutorial (here) for my daughter’s birthday party invitations. Thing is – I made more teacups than I needed. So… what to do? Make more cards, of course! Here’s how I used the trio of pre-painted/stamped cups on another card. Today is her birthday (and marks 10 years of me being a mom!) so seemed like a good day to share it.


7 thoughts on “Celebrate: a birthday card”

  1. Love the birthday card, absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday to your daughter from my daughter (she just turned 3 yesterday.)

  2. Happy birthday to Elizabeth and happy Momiversary, May. 🙂 I always get a little verklempt around my girlie’s birthday (will be 11 in May).

  3. What a sweet birthday card for your precious birthday girl! I hope she has a wonderful day filled with fun birthday surprises and joy!

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