Technique phases


Here in my world, something I do a lot is to repeat a technique or look a lot. Oh, not forever… but I will get in a zone where I want to color all stencils then flip them and ‘stamp’ onto another piece of paper + rub gel or paste into the stencil (see above).

I just love doing that right now, and this isn’t the first or last technique to see this with me. It’s something I do. I will play with an idea a lot, then retire it or at least use it a more reasonable/rare amount. Right now though, this is my “yes let’s do that” every time I touch a stencil. In fact I’ve got a guest post going up in a few weeks (with video tutorial) and I’ll explain more then.

For now, I’m enjoying this technique and curious what the next phase will be…

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4 thoughts on “Technique phases”

  1. Oh pretty! Wow great color. So pretty. I am crazy about my stencils too. Really use them a lot in my art journal, and have used in layouts but want to get back to that. I even made one out of cardboard when I couldn’t find what I had envisioned. It’s not great or anything but I like it. Anyway talk about stencils and I’ll blab forever. I’m really looking forward to your guest post. Great stuff, thanks for all you do. Michelle t

  2. May, I just adore the way you explore and delve into techniques and tools sharing all you learn and find. The creative and beautiful projects that come from your creative exploration! Thank you for sharing so much and helping to open my mind to such free creative play.

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