CHA 2015: My Mind’s Eye

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From cardstock to party supplies – the My Mind’s Eye team had a very fresh look to their booth. I liked the new approach and look – and I found a few great products to love too.

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This is the look around the paper lines booth- how fun!

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I absolutely love their new line Hello World. From badges to wood bits – adorable!

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this dotted patterned paper? one of the few that made me go oooooh.

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There were four lines on the spinner that had “niche” as the label on the top. I liked a few things from each line – I look forward to finding these treasures in stores next month.

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Anyone need more sequins? MME has them!

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Also brads, some foiled accents, stickers, and more.

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Over in the paper goods area there was lots to love rom cards to potential wedding and general party goodies.

cha (695) copy

As I’ve said before I think the trend of incorporating some party stuff is smart. Perhaps we’ll see some local stores finding a niche being more general “paper” store with party, craft, and other paper goods… who knows!

cha (698) copy

These are just a few shots of the cards and banners and such.

cha (699) copy

There was also a cardstock by MME section but somehow I got no photos of that.

Bottom line? I remember MME as one of the first patterned paper coordinates (die cuts + papers) that was simple to use and I liked as a beginner. So I really love seeing them evolving and still staying true to their set up (the paper + embellishment rack) while also adding new things.

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  1. Loving the travel themed product! Thanks for the beautiful photos……glad i was not at the show.

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