CHA 2015: Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper

m15 copy

If you want to be transported to a place of loveliness, where life is a beautiful party full of soft colors and plenty of fun detail… you’ll want to check out the new Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper line Confetti.

M1 copy

Filled with great scrapbooking elements like paper, stickers, and cool items like this wood heart frame – this can be a go-to for the cardmaker or scrapbooker.

m5 copy

Thank you Maggie, for the tassles and sequins. *sigh* This line is nearly as lovely as the lady whose name is on the packaging. Truly.

m6 copy

Maggie’s line then goes in an incredibly smart direction with party supplies.

m7 copy

Why smart? Well it does tie in cute with the name of the line, and the colors and look of the pieces are totally Maggie… but it is smart because right now DIY/semi crafted/Pinterest/parties are HOT! Opening up a paper crafting line to say “hey party people, use my stuff to make your party fab!” is just brilliant.

m17 copy

Welcoming people who perhaps don’t paper craft, making room so maybe your line could be showing up in general paper/party stores… so smart and you’ll see more of this from other American Craft owned companies/lines as well.

m20 copy

Now what do I think of the line itself? Fantastic. Sequins to stickers I want it all. I love that it has a party/celebration feel but could be for anything. I adore that Maggie’s lines continue to work with her older things. I cherish that she has so many bits and pieces that are interesting.

m10 copy

I hope we continue to see lace, doilies, gold glitter, and all other things so very Maggie for many years to come.

m12 copy

She’s become one of my must-haves of scrapbooking, but also this line was by far one of the few paper lines I truly loved.

m13 copy

Watch for this line coming to stores next month (February).

4 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper”

  1. It’s a very lovely and inspiring collection. I really love that wood heart frame. Thanks for showing it and the other beautiful things. Michelle t

  2. Awe, such kind words May! Thank you for taking such beautiful photos and sharing my new collection on your site. I am so glad you love it!!! I adore you and also can’t wait to see the fabulous things you create with the new products!! Hugs!!

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